It’s a “venti” kind of day

I find myself making my way to Starbucks every time I need a pick me up. I find this place, expensive and full of wannabees. In my head I want to rebel against chains that monopolize the markets and brainwash people into spending too much just to feel cool. So I avoid it. Most of the times.

Having said that there is something to be said about consistency. No matter where, how  and when, the drink you order almost always tastes the same. Coffee connoisseurs will beg to differ. But for people like me, every once in a while when you need just the right pick me up, a quick stop is always welcome. For me, it is so wrong for all the ideals I uphold that it makes the best anti-rebel drink for me. I feel like I am cheating on myself and it gives me an added thrill. Yes we are like that only!

Today is a particularly “venti” kind of day. I wonder how many people actually know what venti means or why the drinks are sized as tall, grande, venti and trenta ( in very select locations).

As for my day, well that will will content for another blog post.


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Taking stock..

And now I present to you July of this year. 6 months into this year and it is time to take stock of what I have been up to so far. Let’s see how far I have come with the resolutions I made this year.

1. Travel: One overseas travel has been booked for the end of the year. Hurrah on that one. Several small trips have already made and some more are being planned as I type this post.

2. Health: I am 14 pounds lighter, 4 inches smaller, since I started my healthy lifestyle a couple of months ago. and I can proudly say, I can almost swim. I am only a few classes away from putting it altogether. I am so excited about this one.

3. Hmm, things haven’t changed much in this area. I have however adopted a more healthy approach to my dietary habits. This automatically has forced me to make food differently, make different food choices. This one is an ongoing experiment.

4.  No new language skills. Yet!

5. I am in the process of applying to a masters program. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. And I am finally going to do it. I think it will be the perfect bridge to my long term goals. It will also provide me with the opportunity to continue to work on some personal goals.

Good things are finally happening!



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Things I am never going to tell my swim coach

Sir, (I don’t call him sir, I do call him coach when I want to be sarcastic) I think you are the best thing that has happened to me this year.

A part of me thinks you are a swim god. I am mesmerized with the ease with which you move around water. I am in awe after I have watched you swim the breast stroke/ free style/back stroke. You look like you own it. “King of the pool” should really catch on.

I am a little intimidated by you. I recognize, I have to completely let go, body and mind for this to work. I don’t like to let go of control and yet I do. You truly command the pool and I trust you enough that I let you have that command over me. This is new to me which is intimidating.

When you tell me just do this or just do that, I sometimes want to smack you in the head. Sir, you have been swimming for the last 21 years of your life. I have been at this now for 10 weeks and I am not 6 years old. So no, it isn’t as easy or obvious or instinctive as it seems to you.

There are times when I hear the disappointment in your voice. I know you try really hard not to let me know. When you are happy, I hear you laugh and say good and I feel your excitement even through the chlorinated pool water. So I know, don’t try to hide it. I am a big girl I can take it. I do however appreciate your encouragement.

I feel like I have no dignity left with you. As a lady, you have now heard me burp, fart, and see me gloriously snort all in the pool several times. Its been a recent realization, but you seem unfazed. It is awkward no doubt, but I guess this is what sportsmen are made of. No shame.

True this is about me, but it is also about you. I have never taken so well to sports or pushing myself this hard. And then I met you. You come across as extremely hardworking, kind, encouraging, and in spite of all your accomplishments you are so humble. Your discipline, focus and drive have truly inspired me. You have shown me a part of me, that I didn’t know existed. I feel like I am better person because of you and for that I cannot thank you enough!

Thanks Coach, and no this time I am not being sarcastic.



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I have my earphones plugged in. I am listening to Contemporary Bollywood music in Pandora. Something I stopped doing a while ago. Listening to Bollywood music that is. I wondered why for a while. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of a time long ago that didn’t leave me even though I really wanted to move on. It makes me sad. But today feels like the perfect day to stop letting music take me to places I don’t want to go to.I can stay right here where I want to be. I am going to learn how to enjoy a very missed genre of music again.

Professionally I was beginning to hit a slump. With overbearing bosses, no roads that lead to real success and a future not looking very bright anymore, I decided it is time to change things up a bit. I have decided to take up a masters degree program in addition to all my current commitments at work. I still have to apply and get the position, but I am pretty sure it should work out. Meanwhile I am going to start looking for different opportunities that can further my career interests.

Personally- oh well this is another story. So much to do so much to achieve. Personally, I am on a weight loss/healthy living drive these days. Learning to swim, getting into running, healthy cooking. I also want to get into some meditation/chanting. Something I’ve been wanting to do. I’m not much of a religious person but for the last few years I’ve been very restless. A lot of people have spoken to me about the power of meditation/ chanting. Now I just have to find the right fit.


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Changing it up a bit

Time for some changes I feel. I am not sure if this new theme is working like I wanted it to. but I will give it a try for a few days.

Let me know if you see somethings that can do with some tweaking.

Until next time. Sayonara


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Short Stories

Love affair that never was

I have decided to walk away.

It felt so right. It must be wrong.

That look, your smile, melt my insides.

I felt like never before.

Time spent together. Memories I made.

Remain forever cherished.

Were you the one?

Now I will never know.


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Learning to live again

The theme this year has been to challenge myself. Do things that I haven’t done before? Do one thing at a time that I have been scared of. So this year I took up swimming. I have only had 7 classes so far. I have gone from momentary panic when entering the pool to now dreaming of doing laps. I can float, streamline, glide and stay afloat on my back. My kicking has improved. I am still working on my breathing and getting the free style right.

The first thing my coach told me “Don’t Panic” and “Trust me”. It is a lot harder than one thinks. Two simple rules to follow. One might think that has to be the easiest class to ace. Don’t panic in an environment that one is not used to? How many of us are comfortable living in water, breathing making our way in it? Existing in harmony with other humans who seem to be doing so beautifully? And then trust a perfect stranger? I know my swim coach has competed on the national level but as a health care provider I know that no two people are the same and I don’t want to be another statistic. Entrusting someone with my life. Yeah it was a tall order.

On the first first day my coach did say ” I give you an A+ for attempt”. But that has been followed by fails and poor performances. Through it all I have learned one thing. I should stop beating myself down for all the failed attempts. I should applaud myself for the effort. I need to realize that I am challenging my body mind and soul. And that cannot be easy. I am learning how to live all over again.

ps: I cannot wait until the day I say I can swim on my own. A big shout out to my coach! You rock!


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