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Changing things up!

I had  4 blogs. None getting the attention, I thought I would give them. In the years that I have been blogging, I have resisted the urge to start forty six blogs, even though  I really wanted to. I realize that there are many facets to our existence. Even though I occupy one body I live several lives. I don’t suffer from any disorders I can assure you. Just because I like food, travel, theater, medicine, research, or would love to write about varied topics, I know that people who read this blog might not have the same interests. Hence the need for different blogs. You know to tease out the right audience, so I can generate some conversation on the blog. We all would like a meaning conversation on our blogs. With the way my blogs were going (no where), I wanted to change things up. So I merged three blogs into one. For now I have two blogs. I plan on starting another but I will wait a while before I get into that.

I don’t recollect when I stopped being vociferous about my opinions. I have plenty like all of us do. Like all of us should. I even disagree strongly. I just don’t voice my thoughts. I find people very volatile with poorly researched facts voicing their opinions based on their emotions and perceptions rather than putting the facts together, or listening to other points of view. There is no discussion to be had with such people. Which over the years I find is almost every body. Small minded people, who lack intellect, are really not worth getting into a discussion with. So over time I have changed from talking to listening missing real conversations with real people. Unfortunately those very ignorant think I agree with them because I don’t oppose them. If only!




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It doesn’t begin even after it has…

Countless couples like me and my husband did everything in our 20’s not to have children. In our 30’s we are doing everything to have at least one child. Each one of us has our own different struggle stories. That, it is raining babies provides some sort of solace. But then it would be a lie to say it doesn’t hurt just a little bit every time we hear of our friends and family having a baby. Every month we go through the cycle of reliving our  disappointment yet again.

We hold on to hope day in and day out. We pray, we become the support the other needs. We remind ourselves that we are there for each other and that no matter what we love each other. We are each other’s anchors, because this journey can really drain you emotionally, physically, not to mention financially.

Yet we both have come to realize that having a baby isn’t the end of it. In the recent months we have been exposed to a different side to parenting. No one tells you about their autistic child, or their five year old who is diagnosed of Crohn’s disease. No one tells you how much parents worry about the health of their child, or how much their life changes. How saving for college takes on a whole new meaning. No one tells you that even when their child becomes an adult parents spend sleepless nights when they know their child is struggling. I guess not enough likes for reality.

No one tells you that if you think having a baby is tough, you have no idea what having a baby really means.



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In the ideal world…

If I could have one day or even a moment, in which you could indulge in me, with no consequences to my words or actions, just pure exchange of words, feelings and thoughts, then perhaps we could stop with the blame game, forgotten past, unsaid words and unwritten stories.

In the ideal world we would still be friends. The kinds that chatted for hours, in spite of months or even years of silence, between whom it was okay to let our guard down and admit our love for each other. We don’t acquire each other, we chose each other which makes this a unique bond.

No, this post is not in any retaliation, so wipe off that smirk from your face. I will admit though that you too are a part of this hope that I hold for so many.

In the ideal world, I would not have to hope this hope..


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I will always love you..

I leave now, because I know I should. With the beautiful memories I made. Some that are real, some that I hope would have happened. You almost don’t seem real anymore. Did I imagine you all this time.

I don’t know, but I want to keep inside my happy bubble the memories that make me warm and fuzzy! I want to leave now, because I want to always love you.

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You denied me of a coffee, a conversation and closure. I think of you, but I know I am over you. I will miss what we could have had. Now I know there is nothing much to mourn.

I didn’t get the closure I wanted. I have finally made peace. I might still have moments of weakness. They will remain inconsequential .


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Ebbs and flows.

I have good days and then outright terrible days.

Thinking of you makes me smiles on most days but some days it reduces me to tears.

Why did you have to come into my life to be taken away so rudely..

I am hanging on and I know I will survive this. In time.

Doesn’t seem like time is passing by soon enough.

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Talk the talk, walk the walk

There is a big difference in what you say and what you do. However well-intentioned you might be, you have to realize if it does not get translated into actions, your words mean nothing.

We are not sustainable on words alone. This will take a lot of work.

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