We only see what we want to. We only see what we are shown. When mixed together the picture can be so far away from the truth. If that is my truth, it can as easily be yours.

Social media is a great reminder why you went apart in the first place. There is a reason we stop talking connecting. Just because the means of communication have increased, we don’t necessarily have that much to say.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. This cliche couldn’t be more true. If you get up one day and realize you survived the most dreaded day of your life, you know life will go one and so will you.

How do educated successful people not have an opinion in life. Or perhaps they do and they do not wish to share it. It is their prerogative after all. Or are they not adequately provoked or worse still affected.

Marital relationships continue to be a mystery. It seems as though social media activity is inversely proportional to quality of one’s marital life. I am working on this theory.

Have a great Monday and week!

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Lessons learned

1. Confidence can take you places. Hold your head high.

2. Sometimes commitment to working hard isn’t enough. One has to commit to taking the plunge.

3. Every endeavor takes time. It is better to do it right than to do it fast and do it wrong.

4. Comparisons don’t help. If you have to compete, compete with yourself.

5. Have tangible goals. Once committed to them, do what it takes to achieve them.


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Paying my dues..

Dates come by fast. Only I have nothing to show for it. Some pain, some emptiness, a lie full of promises. A worried husband, a counselor on stand-by. Yet this is my battle, mine alone.

Words fail me. My feelings fail me too. I don’t know if it is okay to mourn the loss of what was not meant to be. Is it okay to hold on to the positives and move on?

The mind is playing tricks. All the heart wants is a moment of peace. In due time I hope.


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When seasons change.

There is hope of change. Moving away from what has been. An opportunity. One we may need. One we may not necessarily like but an opportunity nonetheless. One would think the past could be left behind. Or at least hope that with the change of the season, a certain novelty in the current state could be endeavored. Perhaps that is a lofty goal. Perhaps one should aim high. Perhaps it is time to stop and smell the roses.

No matter what the season is changing. It is time to embrace what it brings with it.

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Promised hope..

There is a slight hint of spring in the air. It will be taken away from us next week. Definitely a much needed break from the cold. It is really a tease, a welcome one at that. Will definitely help with the next few weeks of winter.

Contentment remains elusive. A good laugh, deep passionate kiss, hearty meals, warm clothes, a loving partner are sometimes not enough. The heart wants what it wants. It is tough when the mind doesn’t know what that is.

Success, achievements, accolades come and go. The ones on paper stick with you. The ones mentioned get forgotten. Some personal ones remain just that. Your own personal achievements, with no one to share them.

Attacks on women feels personal. Attacks on my country feels personal. Attacks on my profession feels personal. Attacks everywhere hurt. Dissociation might be a good trait to acquire just about now.

It will be okay. One would hope. Short memory bursts, spontaneous tears, hormonal changes, dates that could have to come to be life altering hover around this beautiful spring day. Life will turn a new leaf. Even life needs time.

That is the promise this very elusive spring day holds. No matter what, one always has hope!


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Has anyone watched Scandal? It is currently being aired on ABC. I caught three seasons over the last weekend and while I got completely sucked into watching it non-stop I am left rather intrigued by the message this television drama wants to send out.

Indulge in me a few seconds if you will. :)

From what I understood this is a political thriller, its unique selling point being the first African American female protagonist on prime time television since the 1970’s. That is a bid deal in itself and warranted a watch. She is considered a fixer. She fixes problems. What she really fixes are images of high profile, politicians who have plenty of dirty laundry and skeletons in their closet. The politics behind it all is very exciting. In the beginning at least.

After three seasons, I am convinced the producers or ABC got the genre wrong. It is more of a love story between POTUS and his campaign manager. She is referred to as his mistress in the tele series. There is a lot of sex. As much as prime time TV can allow. The protagonist is seen having sex with POTUS and at least one other person in any given season. While the president too has sexual relations with women other than his wife, he too has more than one woman in any given season. It doesn’t end there. Practically every character has an extremely flourishing sex life and it very explicitly shown.

The protagonist herself comes across, as very fashionable, confident well connected at the outset. However she has a very forced upon smile and terrible expressions. Every time she says hi to her lover, it feels like she is constipated or in extreme pain. Almost every scene with the POTUS in it, has her yelling at him, either before sex or after. She can be petulant, entitled and when she cannot  come up with any logical explanation of why she is meddling with top secret government agencies or cleaning up murder scenes, she will yell some more, saying “I said so, Because I want it, Just do it”! If only we got everything we wanted in life we wanted by just yelling. I guess you lose basic manners when you are the product of a most wanted terrorist and the command of the leading spy agency of the country. How does that happen is a mystery in itself.

I won’t even get into how flawed every character portrayal is. That will be another 27 posts.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional reviewer, neither am I planning on changing my profession anytime soon.

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Checking the box.

One would think that is all it takes. To do everything on your list. A checkbox list sometimes forced upon by the society we live in, rather than motivated by what we think is the right thing to do.

What maybe right for me may not be right for you. So then how does the society decide what is right, real or acceptable for everyone. While these check boxes continue to be arbitrary, why do we feel so compelled to check them?

Do we have to? Isn’t the alternative sufficient? Can we not chalk out our own path? What happens to those that dare?

When is enough, really enough?


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