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No matter what you apply to, be a school, job, one needs to write a personal statement. I need to write another one to suit the position I am applying to. It is supposed to be personal but we all know that there are recipes involved. You need to use the buzzwords, create a story and sound awesome. Here is what I want to really say to my employer, while I work on rounding off the edges. :)

You probably want me to say, I want this job because I to save lives. Social work is what I feel passionate about and this job will give me an opportunity to give back to the community I have got so much from.

Well, here is the truth. I do want to save lives, but more importantly I want to decrease suffering. I have learned through my years of experience that I will not be able to save all the lives I will encounter, but if I can make one more person comfortable, ease their suffering, lessen their pain, I can sleep well at night, knowing I did the best I could. That my patients are in a better place now than when I first met them.

I am passionate about Surgery. I like operating, I like the procedures. I thrive on the challenges each patient provides. I find it fascinating that on one hand, the human body is exactly the same irrespective of race, religion,color, geographical location, ( of course there are gender differences to be accounted for) on the other each person brings with them their own challenges. Sometime the approach to the same disease, can throw us a curve ball. I look forward to that challenge. I like knowing that no matter what that curve ball is I can think on my feet and I can come up with a solution. If I don’t know what that solution is, I have enough experience to know that I should ask for help. I am very okay with that, as deep down I really want my patients to win their battle with disease.

Having experienced pain, loss and suffering from close quarters, I know that as a doctor I may not always have a cure, I might not always make things right, I may not always have the answers, but I can always be kind and attentive. I want to continue to learn and be involved in gaining knowledge. I know as healthcare professionals we have not even scratched the surface, which is why I am involved in research. It is important to ask pertinent questions. it is important to look outside of the box and sometimes pretend there is no box.

My need for constantly improving, my intellectual curiosity and need to make good of my qualifications keeps me self motivated. I do well under pressure, I communicate easily and can adapt to different environments easily. I enjoy working in teams and can comfortably take on leadership roles.

I know I will be an asset to your organization. I will fit in well and can hit the ground running. I am good. You can only find out if you actually take me. So don’t take my word for it, take me. Work with me. And you will see. :)


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Some chapters are best closed. However hard it might be.

Weekends need to be more productive. Cannot be playing wife/friend/daughter all the time.

Lean in. All the way. You may not get the support you need at times. But you got it.

Keep the faith. In yourself. That is all that matters.

Take a break. Alone if need be.

Happy Sunday!

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My dear girlfriends!

I am blessed with all of you in my life. You have stuck by me through all these years. It says more about you being a good friend than me. You all have put up with my brutal honesty, my lack of social skills bordering at awkwardness. You all gave me the space when I needed to focus on my education. Thankfully you continue to do so. You all encourage me when I embark on my new adventures and have always had a kind word to soothe me. Sometimes I feel like you all know me better than I know myself. For that I am very grateful.

Over the years we have all grown up, aged and changed as people. Some for the better, some not so much. Despite our changing priorities I am grateful to still have you in my life. I hope you know I understand you are not the same person you were 10 years ago. I understand your need for space, growth and new friends. I hope that you can do that too.

There are somethings I don’t understand though. I don’t understand your lack of confidence in yourself. You are educated with careers you have chosen, have great families and wonderful children to speak of. You may not have everything on your list, but from where I and the rest of world sees it, you have arrived in life. I hope you can see it too.

Some of us are happily married. I hope you know marriage is a work in progress. Let me rephrase. Marriage is a daily work in progress. There is no denying, I have been very blessed with my husband. By no means is he perfect or our relationship without its failings. We have great days and we have terrible ones. Point being, men aren’t perfect but neither are we. You may not have what I have, but you will get what you are destined for. Don’t give up on love and happiness and a great partner.

Most of all, I don’t understand your lack of enthusiasm for life, lack of opinion, lack of the fire we had all set out with. Like you have for me, I am happy to step back if you need the time. I hope you bounce back. We have so much to live for, so much to see, so much to enjoy,and so much to fight for. There will be tears and disappointments through it all, but remember there will always be us!


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Conversations are difficult. I don’t understand why? People would rather avoid you than tell you what you did to hurt them. The pain perpetuates and everyone loses. I wished people would just be more open, honest and communicative.

Positivity can be very elusive. No matter how many motivational quotes one may have at their disposal, it is the mind that always wins. I wonder if there is a positivity elixir I can find some place.

We have reached the 5th month of this year. 2015 cannot be just another year. It has to count for something. Time to revisit those resolutions. Perhaps define them better.

Help is not a bad word. In today’s world when everyone is a super achiever, we don’t ask for help. In stead we are afraid that if we did, we will look weak. Successful people network, reach out, talk to people and not hide. E.V.E.R.

Every once in a while it is nice to hear someone tell you something about yourself that you had forgotten. So I am going to remind myself, I am a good person, I work very hard, I mean well, I am a loyal friend, and while most people don’t like it, I am glad I am brutally honest.


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When doctors get it wrong. 

Personal details to follow.

I’m waiting to go back to the fertility specialist. 

When I met him last year the one thing no one asked us at this clinic was how often my husband and I had sex. The frequency, quality and timing of sexual encounter are very essential aspects in the baby making process. 

Just because we are a happily married couple who don’t believe in abstinence or protection, and definitely beat the national average of how many times we do it in a week, we may not necessarily be doing it right. 

Question to you- How many people does it take to ruin the chances of conceiving a baby during 6 years of marriage. Well two of course. The odds really go up when the two are you guessed it a doctor and a banker. 

Against all odds we conceived naturally last year. Well when you start aiming it right, at the right time, put healthy habits, like exercise and diet to the mix, your chances go up. 

Unfortunately we lost a perfect little boy. I’m not looking forward to this conversation with the infertility specialist. Last time we left his office our options were in-vitro fertilization or adoption. This time I have no clue what to expect. Gulp! 

Wish me luck! 


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Spring cleaning!

There is only so much space we have in our lives. For anything. Be it clothes or the very hidden secret feelings we harbor. Only so much space only so much patience and only so much time to hoard. So time for some spring cleaning. Here are my broad categories:

Thoughts: Time for the negativity to be lost. The sun is beginning to shine. Winter is on its last leg. Let go off the past, the negativity and pain and heartaches and tears. The sun will soon shine upon us all.

Things: Clutter of space only increases clutter in mind. IMHO! Clear things out especially if the broken, chipped, useless stuff. Things that you think one day they maybe of some use. If you haven’t used it in the last 6mths/2 years let it go.

Them: Yes those people that hurt you, take advantage of you, or violate you. If in doubt of any of the above, let them go. They are not worth your time or energy. They want a space back in your life let them earn it. Else they go too!

Happy Spring cleaning y’all!


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Another three weeks to go. Originally written on 9/21/2014

I never got to publish this post. It is the last of the drafts I had started to write. I notice a common theme in all my posts when I was pregnant. I was constantly worried. About the health of the baby, my health. I know I was becoming that crazy stressed out woman. When the mother-in-law can sense your stress, you know you have gone step too far. I wonder if I wanted perfection and I was killing myself over it.

I feel the body decided that it won’t give me anything since I wanted it to be so perfect. Having gone through one pregnancy loss will I feel the same way about the next? Will I be more amenable to keeping a special needs child? Will it be fair? Will I even be the same person? Will the next child be as precious? Will I even be able to have the next child?

I crossed the 40th week a few days ago. Lots of tears later it hit me that I was still grieving. Some chocolate, some pasta, some movies later I am ready to re-start!.

Before I completely let go off the past and move on I wanted to share this last blog post.

It is the last time I may mention you but you will never be forgotten. 

Another three weeks to go.

I think I am going to wait another three weeks before I will announce you to the world. It will be the early anatomy scan time in 3 weeks. So far everything has come back okay. In three weeks I will be told how you are developing and if there is anything I need to be concerned about. I will also find out if you are a boy or a girl.

My uncontrolled blood sugars aren’t helping but I am working very hard at them. Didn’t know I could be so responsible suddenly. I am generally a very responsible person, but I wouldn’t wait for the traffic lights to turn green, or drink 2-3 liters of water everyday, eat a piece of cheese every night, because I know it is the one thing that will keep my blood sugars under control. I go swimming everyday, walking most days and I am so happy doing it.

I constantly remind myself, that you didn’t ask to be born. We made you and it would be up to us to do the right by you. I am not saying I will protect you from everything I can. I actually wont. I want you to learn to survive and do it well. I just don’t want to be irresponsible. So yes you will eat your vegetables, drink your milk, exercise and watch TV only if you have earned it. I will nudge you to study and be academically oriented, and you will be given the freedom to chose any passion you want to pursue.

I cannot wait to tell the world about you!


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