You can run, but you cannot hide.

“I would prefer a white doctor” she had said.Was the first time something had hit me hard that way.So hard that a big lump in my throat would not go away for that entire day.There she was, breathless, speechless and very ill.With her long standing history, she knew best that, that procedure was important for her, and yet, she was wasting all that time fussing over a white doctor.

I was taken aback.I wasn’t sure what had just happened in that examining room.It was only when my supervising consultant and nurse in charge,stormed into that patient’s cubicle and gave that sick old lady a sounding, that I realised the gravity of the situation.That lady was told that her treatment could be refused in view of violince against a health care professional.Violence? What could a 60 plus frail old lady possibly do to me?Could she really have been refused treatment, when she could potentially die?Incredible is all I could think.

I was asked to go back to that patient, and complete what I had started.I didn’t want to.I was begining to feel violated.Some how that white coat, stethoscope or any other armour that says you are a health care professionals seems to take away a few of your rights.

Christmas eve, same year.That journey I must have made atleast 4 times before,I messed up by some bad stroke of luck.My only option was to stay cold and alone at the station gates or hire a taxi.50 miles away from a group of people that had become my family, middle of the night.Hoping against hope I didn’t want a taxi driver of a particular nationality.That is all I got.I got into the taxi.I was scared,lonely,sad, hungry and very cold.I had just worked an entire 12 hour shift, traveled 3 hours by train, only to miss my last connection.I just wanted to go home.That man tried to make polite conversation.I didn’t indulge.He put on good music from my country I wasn’t amused.At some point he even asked me which ones were my favourite chocolate.I can’t remember why.I think he said he was going home to his country of birth and had nieces and nephews he would have liked to carry chocolates for.But now my memory fails me.I was so engulfed by emotions that I even cried.

He got me home safe, sound,and declined the tip I offered.He told me to take care of myself.In return I told him what my favourite chocolates were.He left smiling and wising me a happy christmas.Fully aware that neither him, nor I, actually celebrate it.

I watched the movie Crash a couple of nights ago, only for me to realise, there are some things you can run away from alright, but you cannot hide.


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32 responses to “You can run, but you cannot hide.

  1. Apy

    So true.. Neva had such experience n i hope neva happens too..
    BTW .. me frsht…


  2. thts sad. never faced such an experience in the US…possibly cause i was in a small town with more ‘non-whites’ than the whites

    and btw…u shud hv shown her ur snap…u look white enuff there..! told her…plastic surgery…remember michael aaaaooouuhhhhh jackson..!



  3. I know what that feels like … And even when you know that it doesnt make you better or worse , its hurts … stings rather … But like they say – what doesnt kill you , only makes you stronger … You have the power to save peoples lives.. and with great power comes great responsibility (guess where I stole that from 😉 )… It takes guts to go back and face the person who does something like that… am proud of you ..


  4. it wud have been so hard to go thru that.

    racism in abroad and castism in india is alwaz there even though we ignore it most of the time.


  5. Apy:
    I hope it doesn’t happen to you too.You are on a roll eh?Noticed you being first on other blogs.

    Good for you, why ask for such an experience when you could have better ones.Tee hee, had she had a single smart elidgible bachelor of a son, I might have given her my snap.;)

    Ford Perfect:
    I agree with you fully, and thanks.
    But no matter what will you leave my Peter Parker alone.*thwack*

    It was weird and may be harsh.


  6. Haaa … Peter Parker can run .. but he cannot hide(guess where I stole that from 😉 ) …. Sooner or later that over grown spider is gonna get squashed under a newspaper roll like they all do …


  7. He can run, he can fly and he can spin a web so tight around those sorry ass’ (Green goblin was it) that they would be sorry they said any rude thing about him
    Hey, it wasn’t so much of 9o’clock sunday mornings,as it was 5pm sunday evenings that I was crazy about.


  8. Cmon … Spiderman was so gay …He Man would kick his mutant ass so bad spidy would never get into those obscene latex pants again…
    PS: I think you found that second fight you were so desperately looking for after losing the first one …


  9. If there is one thing in this world, which I hate most, then it has to be ‘discrimination’. Racism is a glaring example of it.

    As with the movie ‘Crash’, I know we all are human with our own prejudices but that can’t be used to justify something as racism.


  10. i am speechless and moved……

    some people are strong and wise enough to overcome their prejudices like you did..:)…others sadly can’t even in a life or death situation…


  11. That must have sucked.


  12. Ford Perfect:
    Hey, there is a full blow war on Don’thaveaclue’s blog over Spiderman.You might want to make this comment there.:P

    I think once we are able to understand a little bit of history, local sentiments and politics and our own experience teaches us a thing or two about people and culture.I am not supporting racism.I have been at the recieving end myself.I would rather not judge some one else for their prejudice, but correct my own


  13. Lazy Leo:
    others sadly can’t even in a life or death situation
    Now that is really sad.

    I call that life’s learning experience.

    Atul Sabnis:


  14. Laundry is the only thing that should be seperated by colour.

    Why do we forget history.In world history, those who have helped to build the same culture were not of one race, and those of the same race have not all participated in one culture.

    As much as I didn’t like the old lady’s attitude, I think you shud have been more accomodating to the taxi driver in your thoughts.


  15. This post sounds so sad. I hope you’re just okay. Eat some of your favorite chocolates, will you? 🙂


  16. SEJ:
    As much as I didn’t like the old lady’s attitude, I think you shud have been more accomodating to the taxi driver in your thoughts
    Sure, except it wasn’t you there,then.


    That was almost 2 years ago.Plenty of chocolate has been had since then.:D


  17. That was a very powerful post that touched me deeply. Thank you.


  18. Ads

    Hey that was a lovely post…found it blog hopping…it hurts and you have gotta to do what you gotta do….and that sucks..


  19. SometimesSaintlyNick:
    :), you are welcome.

    You are right, one has got to do what you gotta do.


  20. 🙂
    touchy one,EU!!


  21. Ads

    Hey yup! Very much an ISBian!! Thanks a lot!! I enjoy your blog! Do you mind if I included your link in my list?


  22. Gangadhar:

    Of course you can,but then can I charge you.:P
    Good luck with ISB, I am sure you will enjoy the ride.


  23. Ads

    Hey!! all you royalties will be paid!! Be assured!!
    And as for ride, my dream run at the campus got over in April’05!


  24. We all like to live in our make-believe cocoon, happily assuming that stuff like racial bias does not exist anymore. Unfortunately, yours came crashing down with this incident.

    Take care. May the Force be with you.


  25. Ads:
    Awesome, I got to know some bloggers of batch06.I got a bit too involved into their lives so now steer away from ISB blogs.They can be so addictive.I hope life is treating you well.

    I didn’t quite get, what came crashing down for whom?


  26. Yea, sure there are things you cannot run from. But why run? When you can face your demons, you can live your life! And u truly don’t need anybody to tell you that….


  27. Anonymous

    Indians are as racist as the 60 yr old lady you are talking abt …

    just that indians realise it only when it hits them .. in their face.

    they sit up and cry …

    you face discrimination … u dont cry. u stand up and fight.

    excuse me.


  28. S.l.Aishwariya laxmi:

    Anon 14:26:


  29. Madmilky

    Just wanted to say…. There will always be racisism in the world no matter where you live or what colour you are, its our basic animal instinct to pick out flaws in people if only to make our selves feel better. Every person in this world has been predijice towards some one or some thing. We cant help it, some more than others but we all do it, thats what keeps us going its sad but true. As for the comment about spidey being gay and he-man being better. Are you for real? he man is one of the gayist chracters going, anyone that runs about in a furry nappy and plays with a little cat thats to scared to do anything untill he gets his little magic powers has to be the poorest excuse for a super hero EVER!! Leave Marvel out of this one. Stan Lee is a legend and no one can ever be as great as him. Todd Mc Fairlane is pretty close though. Have Fun Kids and Be Good.



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