Strange beings that species called F.R.I..E.N.D.S.

They crop up from no where, just when I need them and I don’t even realise that I do.It is only when they make their presence felt at times like these, that one realises how much we have actually missed having them around.Only to learn that they have in fact been around.We just didn’t know.

When you thought no one knew your dirty little secret only time tells you, that they did.They didn’t bother judging you over it because they know more than you do.They know that you are only human.

They have actually bargained with life to remain your friends.No matter what you do to them say or not say.They stick around.It is their decision not yours.

It can be sad when you realise what they think they know about what you think.When may be you have never really given any of it a thought.What is worse, having thought ill of some one or not ever having thought of them at all.

And inspite of this huge disparity between what is being thought and not thought, said and not said, we belive we know our freinds.Do we?

What bothers me is not that my friend didn’t turn out to be what I thought they are, but what I am not inspite of what they think of me.

For a trouble finder like me,I am blessed to have some well balanced people in my life.I am not looking forward to being told, “We told you so”.At this rate how ever I doubt I’ll be spared for long.

It is amazing the freedom I have got at continuing to be self destructive.They call it life’s learning experience only to make me feel good about it.Even invite a party for merriment in view that their friend is slightly wiser in the ways of the world.

At the end it doesn’t matter.What we know, don’t know.Say, don’t say.Mean don’t mean.Some people have just decided to stick by you.It is a warm feeling indeed.

I do think friends are strange beings.Mine especially.What about yours?



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21 responses to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  1. Mine are all mostly mental. And they think I’m stark, raving mad. Therefore all has been good so far. 😀


  2. Mine are absolutely mad, and you know something? I won’t have them any other way 🙂



  3. It is so pathetic that I don’t have anything to write here.


  4. they say that god can’t be all around so He made mums….. i believe in this day and age, it can be daunting for even a mum to sustain your sanity…..hence He created the concept of friends!!


  5. Duhita

    Aren’t we all strange in our own little ways?:D And isn’t that what brings us friends together? Just wish my friends weren’t sooooo far away from home:(


  6. mine are a mix of everything – there’s the mad type, the serious type, the silent type, the chatterbox type, the nothing-matters type… oh and sometimes the same person has a portion of each type.. 🙂


  7. They better be strange..how else cud they cope with a reverse compass..:-)


  8. One of my friends thinks he looks Italian, the other one experiments with ciggrettes with spices and herbs in them instead of tobacco( he plans to get a patent on it)…
    then theres a dude who removed the doors in his bathroom so that he could get a sea view while showering…and a chic who dips gulabjamun in tea before eating them …
    Strange friends Ive got … and if at all , I only wish they get wackier with time 😉


  9. Wishfulthinker:
    Hehehehe,so then your friends and I agree on some thing.:D


    Nothing pathetic about that.:)

    Good to know.:)

    I agree.I wished so too, but then it has been me who has been away, so I really can’t complain.


    Reverse compass?

    Ford Perfect:
    Hahahaha, why am I not surprised?


  10. Apy

    Weird frnz…. yep .. i got em all…. But they are the BESHTESHT… though not many … but i m happy with that count..


  11. One has got to be one’s own best friend…*bulb jal gaya*


  12. Apy:

    True that.


  13. For me real emotions do matter and I can fight for my friends. I have friends who are not a part of page 3, but they are my friends because we have known each other for years.But i hate people cultivated or invested in friendships thinking about a future gain or return. This is not really friendship, it’s an arrangement.


  14. sb

    EU, i started typing out a comment but then..check out my blog 🙂


  15. is this post dedicated to me? it is? is it? it is? is it? is it? huh? huh? huh?

    thank you.. thank you… 😀


  16. Gangadhar:
    Those are what I call contacts not friends.I love your passion towards your friends.

    Been there done that.:)

    Err..you don’t want to know the truth do you.?Huh?Huh?Huh?*cheeky smile*


  17. Yeah, those who decide to stick by you are your real friends… no other reason needed… they’re just there for you, just like you are for them… everything else is a farce.


  18. Super.

    They have actually bargained with life to remain your friends.No matter what you do to them say or not say.They stick around.It is their decision not yours.

    WOW !. Thats so true.

    When I think about it, yes..It really is their decision and not mine…and for once I am so happy for this decision which people made for me !


    I wrote a similar one abt 7 people who made up my world..still do.


  19. Sayesha:
    I wouldn’t judge a friend if they couldn’t be there for me.For me such relationships go beyond momentary insanity.

    Living in Unreality:
    I do think you are lucky to have friends like these.


  20. Strange or not, lovely they sure are! And that is why we find it easy to forgive each other at times…


  21. Everbody has FRIENDS who are b’ful and mine are superb. Yes! strange too…


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