What happens, when disaster strikes?Some thing that you weren’t prepared for.Something that leaves you stunned.Not sure of what just hit you.

How does one gather his broken pieces.Gather a piece of himself that has been mutilated.So bad, that one does not even know it is his own.

How do you give support when you your self are vulnerable.

How do we find the right words, when we ourselves are rendered speechless.

Who is to peep into my soul and know that I am hurt, when they themselves have been wounded so badly.

Where does when find the strentgh to go on, when there seems no place to go.

Do we just pretend, that nothing ever happened?That that part of us hasn’t been robbed of us for ever.Or do we fight the demons we face.

And how do we fight, when we have nothing left to fight for.

Where do we put our energies?To forget what we have lost or to brave ourselves for what is to come next.

I’ve been told there is light at the end of even the darkest of tunnels.I hope I will see that light some day.



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  1. i do hope to see the light some day, too


  2. It is all about life and time(I guess). Time heals and life teaches.


  3. Apy

    Hope none of ur frnz/family were affected by the blast…

    It hurts.. thats for sure.. even if we din kno the people who lost their lives or who were injured…. Donno wen this is gonna end.. Donno wen….


  4. Dwaipayan:
    Good luck.:)

    Hmmm..I hope.

    They are all fine thank-you.


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