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Is it really over?

Quieter days, shut doors at night. The lost love, doesn’t feel as bad.

Missing are the conversations, hugs and kisses. Those days are long gone.

The sun doesn’t shine as bright, nor does the rain come down hard.

Has autumn made its way already? Is Summer really gone?



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Is a good idea. But do we ever ever find it?


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I sit here feeling shattered. Clueless of what just hit me. Like pieces of broken glass. It hurts. All I feel is pain, sharp excruciating pain.

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I miss you..

I am only now realizing that you and I weren’t meant to be. Things wouldn’t have turned out the way they have, if we were destined to be. It is a painful realization but a real one at that. When reality strikes it is heartbreaking. When I pretend life is fine, the pain is temporarily diminished but never really gone.

I know in time this will get better, but for now I miss you.

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