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Heart break 

I called it friendship. You called it a favor. We both knew it was much more. Only you knew it was wrong. I took my heartbreak and left. It wasn’t forever as you have come back into my life. Only to break my heart again. 



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Is there anyone else out there who is astonished and slightly disturbed that we are mid way through the 8th month of the year. I have a draft lingering where I started to write about what I have achieved thus far. When I started to look at my post on the resolutions I made, they were so vague it took me a while to decipher what I was originally thinking. Yes I confuse myself a lot of times.

I don’t feel like I have achieved much this year. I feel like I have been dragging my feet, waiting for a miracle to happen. I have let my emotions take me over and I am assuming that life will be forgiving. Which happens NEVER! No one is ever forgiven. Life goes on and if you snooze you loose.

So perhaps with 4 months remaining, I could put some definition into my resolutions. Some thing more tangible?

Health: I am running a 5K in less than two weeks. Running was the challenge I picked up this year. Next year I want to either do the sprint marathon or do the liberty swim.

Attitude: I wanted to learn how to let go. Take emotion out of situations, make the right decisions. Yeah, still working on that.

Society: It was all about making more personal connections. Less social media, more face to face. It has been quite a ride. We have been hosting people, making an effort to travel to weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, house warming, hosting some more. And if you are feeling the penny pinch, time pinch and rest pinch trust me so are we. I think it is so much easier to say congrats online than to travel, buy a gift and put on a big smile and endure the torture of small talk. But we have done it for our friends and family and people we love and for the good of the future generations.

Discipline: This continues to be a work in progress.

Priorities: It is like telling this girl friend who pings you after 3 months to grab a coffee with you that sorry I can’t meet you as I have a pilates class for exactly that evening slot that your friend has the time to meet you for coffee. I haven’t wrapped my head around this one. Having said that I have met people who have left a dinner table at 8 pm as they have early mornings due to triathlon training, friends that gave up on toxic relationships as they were a hindrance in their career paths. People do things to survive, thrive and prosper. And I find nothing wrong with that.

Less than 4 months to go, I hope it brings about some positive changes. I am so ready for a break in my life.


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Talk the talk, walk the walk

There is a big difference in what you say and what you do. However well-intentioned you might be, you have to realize if it does not get translated into actions, your words mean nothing.

We are not sustainable on words alone. This will take a lot of work.

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One day down, 364 days to go.

Every day is the first day for the rest of your life. Everyday is an opportunity to let go of the past. Everyday you can embrace the future. Everyday is a new beginning.

Yet, something about the change in year has an energy about itself. Time to make some more resolutions and hold myself accountable. Last year proved to be good. So here we are again!

1. Health: Of the body and mind.

2. Attitude: Adjustment, reconsideration, realignment

3. Society: Get real.

4. Discipline: Body, mind and soul.

5. Priorities: Me me me and me.

No need to elaborate at this time. Time will tell and hopefully you will know. Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and looking forward to conversations and more in the coming months.


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