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I have cut the cord.

It was a long time coming. I have cut the cord. Some people are in your life for a reason. Some for a season. No matter how cheesy that sounds. It is true. The season was great while it lasted.

I never got my coffee date, didn’t get to clear the air, I didn’t get the closure I would have liked. I am okay with it.

I have said my final good byes! I have nothing left to say.



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Pat on my back. 

I hear your cry for help. I’m at your side. Like nothing ever happened. 

The lies, the pain, the harsh words forgotten. Forgiven. 

That is what friends do! I’m a good one. I know 

I hear your cries. I stifle my own. You need me more than I need. 

I reminisce my own life. It’s been tough but I survived. With no one to cry with. 

For that alone, I pat myself on the back. 

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I miss you my friend. 

I know and have always respected your 36 plans for 24 hour days but I’m beginning to feel you don’t want anything to do with me. I already feel really terrible about how things turned out,  but have I lost my friend too? 

I miss your energy and your passion for life. I wish I could bask in it for a little while. I miss my friend. I miss talking to you and I would really like to see your face and hear your voice and spend  5 minutes with you.

I do understand you being busy but you should know how I feel. 

Best always! 

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Detox Step 2.

Will not let emotions guide my behavior. I know what is good for me and I will do just that.


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Detox Step one

1. Will not think of you.

2. Will not think of you.

3. Will not think of you.

4. Will not think of you.

5. Will not think of you.

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I sit here feeling shattered. Clueless of what just hit me. Like pieces of broken glass. It hurts. All I feel is pain, sharp excruciating pain.

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I miss you..

I am only now realizing that you and I weren’t meant to be. Things wouldn’t have turned out the way they have, if we were destined to be. It is a painful realization but a real one at that. When reality strikes it is heartbreaking. When I pretend life is fine, the pain is temporarily diminished but never really gone.

I know in time this will get better, but for now I miss you.

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