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How you doin?*

First day of the 8th month of 2016! Below is where I am with my plans.  Everything in bold is already done and dusted. Those in italics are a work in progress. Life has changed, plans have changed accordingly.

More important than the list that is only pertinent to my life is that life happens and just keeps happening. Plans are just plans. Something work out and other things stop being a priority. I like plans. They keep me on point. They remind me of all the things I have always wanted to do or considered important enough for me at some point to be done.

But that’s not how life turns out. I think it has been the most humbling experience of my life. Nothing has really worked out the way I have planned it. There came a time when I even stopped planning and there in lays the problem. I’ve learned that no plan is a sure path to failure. So that changed thanks to this list.

  • Drink more water, 10K steps daily at a minimum
  • Read the newspaper daily, not monthly
  • Complete Master’s thesis – converted to PhD in Clinical Service
  • Complete all pending research papers
  • Write at least one paper every 3 months- working on several projects
  • Network on a daily basis
  • Get a better job- daily work in progress
  • Log in a daily thought- daily work in progress
  • Learn to bake bread, try new recipes, try new cuisines
  • Meal prep weekly, weigh my food, log food, water and exercise diligently
  • Weight training, swimming, yoga to be incorporated in weekly routines
  • Read articles, books that don’t include school work, research articles, and news.
  • Blog/Instagram/ Write reviews regularly. Make a schedule and stick with it.
  • Sort out pending paper work from last year
  • Continue and increase recycling- remember almost everything can be recycled
  • Continue and do better with minimalistic living
  • Let go of people, places, ideas and thoughts that don’t want to stay
  • Remember that money saved is money earned
  • Invest in property
  • Travel to a destination outside of the US- Europe 🙂
  • Learn Spanish-this is the year

*Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S way of saying hello..:)



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3.1 miles..

One Sunday I signed up for a 5K. Something I had always said I couldn’t do. It was time to shake things up and I did. The max run rate on the registration website was 15miles/hour. So I told myself if I could finish the race in less that 40 minutes I would have done it in less time than the max amount allowed. I would be happy with it. I was.

I wasn’t happy enough. That is the one thing about humans. Once we get what we wanted we start wanting something else. We are never satisfied. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes not so much. So another Sunday evening I signed up for a 10K, in the hope to improve on my time, stamina and performance. I am no where close to where I want be in terms of my training. But in the next 5 weeks I hope to be exactly where I should. At the finish line. Claiming my prize at the end of it, hugging the man who would be most proud of me. Texting a few people to tell them my time, who would share my joy.

On this journey and I call it a very positive one, I have met some amazing people. Those who told me to never say never and those who thought me to believe in myself. Those that showed me when you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. When I was presented with the TCS NYC marathon after party passes, I decided that was the birthday celebration I would have. So I stood at the finish line to watch two of the four people I personally knew from the 50,000+ people who ran the marathon. It had to be the most exhilarating, emotion inducing moment for me. I cried when I joined the crowd to applaud the 94 year old man cross the finish line. I couldn’t stop jumping when I spotted my cousin make the final leap to the mark and then the one girl I have only met twice but has come to mean so much to me in the last few months, throw her hands up in the air as she owned the TCS NYC marathon.

Thank you, I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration of my birthday. 3.1 miles in absolutes isn’t a very long distance but I know it has changed my life forever.


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About mum!

My mum took up studying when I was barely 8. Her sudden disappearance from my life was hard to deal with, making me a troublesome pre-teen. She and I learned to adjust together and also respect each other’s needs. My mother could have given up her own dreams to take care of me and my family. But she kept going, struggling and not being perfect in any way. She wasn’t scared of breaking down in tears before exams, or speaking to my father about how her children were driving her crazy.

She wasn’t around for the first Christmas party I went to and I still feel embarrassed about showing up in my school uniform. I had to learn to plait my own hair because she just didn’t have time. I even learned to cook and fend for myself as you know teenagers get hungry at all odd times of the day. Needless to say, I was angry with her for not being around. Now that I think about it, I have so many little stories that I could tell you and complain about and ones that still bother me in some ways.

That was eons ago and like any rational well balanced adult, I have all that behind me. Except not everything is. Today when I am faced with difficult decisions, conflicting priorities and impossible choices I take a deep breath and think what would my mum have done?

I now know her life wasn’t easy, neither were the choices she had to make. She did however and I don’t know if she knows it, set the best example she could as a patient mother, devoted wife, career oriented dignified woman. When I am lost and weary and tired and feel defeated I often think of my mum. I know it would be okay to struggle, but moving forward is the name of the game. I know there will be days when I will feel defeated, and feel like nothing is going my way. I know it is okay to shed a tear and not feel weak. I know that no matter what, life goes on, children grow up, husbands learn to feed themselves and people will understand.

My mother gave me lessons on finding my place in this world. While I know I have to be the daughter, wife, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, friend I need not forget that I am important too.


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I am going to complete 10 years of blogging this year. I don’t have a great number of post or even a great story on this blog. I do have a story though. It is full of ups and downs, a life story that I can sit back and laugh about. I’m here living it daily, sharing small snippets of my life. Some that make sense, some that don’t. Yet, I am in a happy place and with peace with all that it has given me thus far.

When I look back I have more to smile about, than the tears I have shed. For that I am grateful. I can no longer say I don’t have regrets. Some things I truly wished had turned out differently. I live with the consequences of my thoughts, beliefs, choices and circumstances that I was thrown into.

All my life I have lived with the belief that things turn out just the way they are meant to be. Somewhere along the line I realized that unless you take reins of your life in your own hands, no matter what  you do, one cannot achieve what one wants. Plans are essential, execution more so. Tangible goals in life are good to have. Does not have to be far reaching, but simple daily life things.

That is what #StepitupSeptember is all about. Some personal, health, career goals to be met in September. With 4 more months to this year, I would like for 2015 to be a lot more productive than 2014 had been.

What is brewing in your life? What are you doing for the next 4 months? Join me in the #StepitupSeptember Challenge.


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Is there anyone else out there who is astonished and slightly disturbed that we are mid way through the 8th month of the year. I have a draft lingering where I started to write about what I have achieved thus far. When I started to look at my post on the resolutions I made, they were so vague it took me a while to decipher what I was originally thinking. Yes I confuse myself a lot of times.

I don’t feel like I have achieved much this year. I feel like I have been dragging my feet, waiting for a miracle to happen. I have let my emotions take me over and I am assuming that life will be forgiving. Which happens NEVER! No one is ever forgiven. Life goes on and if you snooze you loose.

So perhaps with 4 months remaining, I could put some definition into my resolutions. Some thing more tangible?

Health: I am running a 5K in less than two weeks. Running was the challenge I picked up this year. Next year I want to either do the sprint marathon or do the liberty swim.

Attitude: I wanted to learn how to let go. Take emotion out of situations, make the right decisions. Yeah, still working on that.

Society: It was all about making more personal connections. Less social media, more face to face. It has been quite a ride. We have been hosting people, making an effort to travel to weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, house warming, hosting some more. And if you are feeling the penny pinch, time pinch and rest pinch trust me so are we. I think it is so much easier to say congrats online than to travel, buy a gift and put on a big smile and endure the torture of small talk. But we have done it for our friends and family and people we love and for the good of the future generations.

Discipline: This continues to be a work in progress.

Priorities: It is like telling this girl friend who pings you after 3 months to grab a coffee with you that sorry I can’t meet you as I have a pilates class for exactly that evening slot that your friend has the time to meet you for coffee. I haven’t wrapped my head around this one. Having said that I have met people who have left a dinner table at 8 pm as they have early mornings due to triathlon training, friends that gave up on toxic relationships as they were a hindrance in their career paths. People do things to survive, thrive and prosper. And I find nothing wrong with that.

Less than 4 months to go, I hope it brings about some positive changes. I am so ready for a break in my life.


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My dear coach…

I signed up for my first ever 5K run. I have never run in my life. I think you along with everyone who knows me knows my disdain for running. It isn’t running I disdain. It is my inability to run. I have masked it all these years but now I am ready to shake that. I am ready to accept my fears and shortcomings and I am ready to face them. In 8 weeks I will be running my first race ever.

As I signed up for it, I thought of you my coach. I thought of all the things you taught me about getting out of my comfort zone, about challenging my body and my mind, about visualizing success and going for it. Most of all about believing in myself.

Last year when I met you, I didn’t ever think I would be swimming, or would hike the Grand Canyon. I was even told I couldn’t get pregnant. Then you came along with your positivity and go getting attitude. I heard of your own struggles and saw how you never gave up. I didn’t see any self pity or self doubt. I saw conviction and determination. It made me realize how trivial some of my problems were and how I could over come them myself.

A 5K isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It is a big deal to me. The fact that I am thinking about it and have just registered for it, I know what I have just challenged myself to. I think of you, because at another time on another day with different circumstances I think you would have been proud of me. I would have been so happy and excited to tell you all about it.

Unfortunately we no longer share that rapport. I know I messed up, like I tend to with people I love the most. I’m so infamous for ruining my most treasured relationships that even my mother warned me against fighting with you. What is unfortunate is that we didn’t even have a fight. We have just drifted apart. I want to tell you about my running, about my swimming progress, about my school and life in general, like I used to.

But here I am, hoping that you know, for all the doubts and pain and misunderstanding, I miss you terribly my dear coach, my trusted friend.


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The smallest of signs..

It was so good to see you. You wont ever know how much it has meant to see you happy and in your element. You have given me the motivation and inspiration for another few months. Yes you have that effect on me and there is nothing anyone of us can do about that. I love you in ways I cannot define. I wonder if you know.. how do you feel about me?

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