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I am going to complete 10 years of blogging this year. I don’t have a great number of post or even a great story on this blog. I do have a story though. It is full of ups and downs, a life story that I can sit back and laugh about. I’m here living it daily, sharing small snippets of my life. Some that make sense, some that don’t. Yet, I am in a happy place and with peace with all that it has given me thus far.

When I look back I have more to smile about, than the tears I have shed. For that I am grateful. I can no longer say I don’t have regrets. Some things I truly wished had turned out differently. I live with the consequences of my thoughts, beliefs, choices and circumstances that I was thrown into.

All my life I have lived with the belief that things turn out just the way they are meant to be. Somewhere along the line I realized that unless you take reins of your life in your own hands, no matter what  you do, one cannot achieve what one wants. Plans are essential, execution more so. Tangible goals in life are good to have. Does not have to be far reaching, but simple daily life things.

That is what #StepitupSeptember is all about. Some personal, health, career goals to be met in September. With 4 more months to this year, I would like for 2015 to be a lot more productive than 2014 had been.

What is brewing in your life? What are you doing for the next 4 months? Join me in the #StepitupSeptember Challenge.



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It’s very lonely. Most battles have to be fought alone. There is help or advice available, but the actions have to be one’s own.

The one thing we have power over is the one power we give away most readily. Next time you eat a french fry I want you to think about it.

I always voiced my concerns about smokers. I am finding that obesity is equally bad. I might have to join a new fight, starting with myself.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Nothing could be truer in my case. There is so much I want to achieve but I don’t seem to have the appropriate plans. That will change starting  now, especially since I caught myself looking at sprint triathlon dates for next year.

I love my family. I detest my family. Enough said.

Happy Thursday y’all!

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How do they do it?

Just when I thought I deserved to take a break- of course something important is due. As of yesterday.

I want to know how successful people do it. Stay on top of things. Not stress out. Or do, and they just don’t show it?

I attended a conference recently and one of the presidents of the societies, is the Chief of pediatric surgery at a leading hospital in this country, researcher with 2 grants to his name, a lab with over 50 people being mentored in it, husband, father, board of member of his synagogue, competitive swimmer. The list was endless. Everyone who was present there spoke of how wonderful a human being he was, how his sense of humor kept everyone going and that he was truly deserving of everything that he achieved.

Of course I joined the 1500 members in giving this man a standing ovation. I felt truly honored and inspired to be in the company of such an accomplished human being.

Now I am back to my own reality. I struggle everyday. I make countless lists and sleep well even when I am able to accomplish less than 50% on it. Somehow I feel this needs to stop. I need to have more goals and I need to realize the urgency. I am hitting mid-life in about 15 years but it is coming. Quicker that we know it.

I want to tear my hair out and scream and shout and hide from reality, most of the time. But sometimes you meet some one and you wonder how do they do it?

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It is personal to most of us. Only some of us have thought about making money out of this hobby. It has crossed my mind, but like many fellow bloggers I don’t want to make this space commercial. I want this space to remain mine, just as I like it. This is my outlet, only dictated by my mind and the fingers that type furiously across the key board. It isn’t dictated by traffic, or comments or sponsors. This space, let’s me speak my mind just as is.

There is a distinct possibility that my actions are dictated by sheer laziness. I don’t have it in me to make that effort. I have been blogging for 8 years and not much to show for it. Not much traffic, barely any comments and no publicity whatsoever. Even when people reach out to me via email, I prefer the conversations continue over the blog. I find the camaraderie that I can extend via this medium surpasses what I can do in the non-blog world. That world is full with no space for more. But here, I am still building those bonds.This space is open and willing.

Bloggers want to have an audience. An interactive one at that. There is no denying the hopes and dreams of a blogger. Yet some of us have survived the long silences. Some of our own, but mostly of others. I wonder what brings us back? Pure love of writing? Need to express ourselves? The hope that one day, our voice will be heard?

Whatever be the case, this is a wonderful space.


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