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I want to be your bride all over again.

When the boy said he wanted to marry me, I told him I had my career on my mind. He then spoke to my father and asked his permission to marry me, with a vow to fulfill all my dreams.,be it career, travel, family, food, all with love, compassion, care and respect.

And he has kept his promise beyond my wildest expectations. He has done so every single day. Despite our fights, silences, disagreements, frustrations, setbacks, intermingled with long sighs, doubts and disappointments, the boy has been rock solid. He has been my friend, husband, confidant, and the best travel buddy I could have asked for.

He is the person I try all my new recipes on, the confidant who listens to my daily woes. He is the friend I want to be held by when I’m having a bad day, the voice I want to hear when I need to know that I will survive.  He is that man whose smile brightens up my day, whose gentle strokes on my back soothe my very worst days. He is the husband who showed me how to love my family more, be more patient, be more giving. He is the guy who makes me a better person.

The day I married you, was the best and most fun day in my life. That day was magical but I had no idea that I was embarking on the best journey of my life. For all the laughs, tears, hugs, phone conversations, kisses, long walks on the beach, comfortable silences, star gazing nights, new year’s eve filled with fireworks and more, I want to be your bride all over again.

*No it’s not our anniversary or his birthday. 🙂


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A girl can hope..

I hope people can find true happiness.

I hope people care more, eat less, sleep more, cry less, laugh more, lie less.

I hope people can keep their differences aside, be more respectful.

I hope people would remind themselves we are all people, not man/woman, white/black, native/immigrant.

I hope the boundaries disappear, travel becomes easy.

I hope immigration officers don’t exist.

I hope I continue to live, travel, love, laugh, and believe.

I hope I make this world the kind of place I want to live in.

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Monday Madness

Yes I have started using circulating hashtags as my blog post titles. I have absolutely no creative juices flowing. Just life happening to me and happening very fast.

We are moving from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment. We had planned this move in time for the baby. We knew our mothers would come visit us once the baby was born and we thought a bigger place would be a good idea. Our baby is long gone but we decided to move anyway. So if any of you need a place to stay in New York city, we have an extra bedroom. Mixed feelings at this time are an understatement. I am doing my best to be excited about the change.

I have committed to writing my master’s thesis in the next 6 weeks. With the move, doctor’s follow-ups, current courses, and new job search, this is an added stress I didn’t need. But I have it and I don’t plan to back down.

My weight loss/health issues are taking a back seat. This bums me out the most but hope to get back on track. If I have learned anything in life, our health/lifestyle is the only thing we have control over. If you are anything like me, then you like that control and you really shouldn’t let go of it.

I have so much buzzing in my head these days. The US election for one, about which I want to write my thoughts on. So much is being said and written about it already, that I don’t want to add to the noise. Then again my thoughts matter so I hope I will. I want to go another vacation before the year ends, get a new job, get the master’s thesis written and get back to baby making plans. More on that another time.

How are all of you doing this Monday evening?



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Tourist in my own country

I left India right after high school. Every vacation I take back to my country is an opportunity for me to discover something new, visit a new street, eat at a new restaurant, meet my family and friends, experience watching a movie in cinema, watch plays at theaters. Do all the things I missed out had I gone to graduate school in my city, or became the adult I am today. 
For all practical reasons I’m the outsider. I realize that in spite of my acute sense of patriotism, my immense pride in my country, most people treat me like a foreigner. It’s interesting as I realized a long time ago, that I’m far more aware of what is happening on the political/ economic scene and more in tune to the international presence that India has than a lot of people I know within India.
I do not generalize though. I have always enjoyed speaking to a co-passenger, or the taxi driver, rickshaw wallah, relative, friend who knows the city roads, reads the news paper or has an informed opinion and is up for a stimulating conversation.
Coming home stopped being the same after my father died. It continues to be home though. India continues to be where I feel I belong the most in spite of all the places I have lived and the reactions I receive from people here. 
India isn’t the same as I left behind. The people, landscape, economics, politics, attitudes have all undergone a change. I embrace this change as any citizen would. Some I don’t approve of, most I enjoy to watch. Some bewilder me, some make me wonder where did we go wrong? 
No matter how hard people try to make me look like the outsider, it’s always a great experience coming back home.


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So long 2014!

I have another 8 days of vacation left. I’m really looking forward to it. I have so much to share and so much to talk about! I hope I will get to it in time. The next few days I will remain incommunicado due to lack of means and a small lack of will. I want to let the mind free for a bit.

I don’t plan to be gone too long, but it might take me while to get back. Thank you for all the follows. Thank you for comments and emails and support and kindness.

Hope to keep the conversation going. See you in 2015 if not sooner.


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Oh Air-India, take me home.

A few years ago Air-India celebrated it’s 75th anniversary of being operational as a national carrier. My father had worked for this company his entire life, some 34 plus years. What my family and I felt for this company, or the loyalty we have cannot really be put into words. For me, it was our lifeline. The airline made my education, my childhood travel experiences and my identity possible. For me, it has been second home, in so many ways. So I wrote a post about it, to congratulate the company and to express the pride I felt. But took it down because I didn’t want harmless criticism or the comments from people who haven’t been Air-Indians. Sorry, but you know nothing about being one, unless you have been one.

A very good friend and fellow-blogger, caught my post in the 30 seconds it was up. He understood why I had taken it down, but recommended I should not let people’s opinions make me shy of my own. It was great advice and I wanted to put up the post but for the life of me I couldn’t find it. I have regretted that one.

It has been over three years that I have flown Air-India and a long distance flight at that. Right from the familiar beautiful Indian faces, to the vibrant colors, the 23 possible Indian languages one can hear in a single long-distance flight, from new-borns to almost in the grave uncles/aunties, from the fantastic collection of Indian movies to the wonderful co-passenger who completely identifies with your sentiments of living abroad and cannot wait to be back home. Last but not least, the wonderful Indian meals that give you the slightest hint of what awaits you on your trip back home.

Oh Air-India you take me back home every single time.


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Bye one more time.

I have done this before and yet it feels new.The room looks like a mess that I have made before and yet it seems intimidating.I know an hour down I will be all packed.Some thing doesn’t want me to.The more I delay it the more time I am here.Once packed I would be ready to go.

So much for organisation.Why don’t I follow my fool proof plans. They bore me. Not nice. I am confused happy scared excited troubled and calm all at the same time. What a state to be in.

I know I will never do this again, but I will be back to this place.It is wonderful to know that in all this uncertainty this place will always be there for me to come back to.

But for now.I have to say good bye.To this place, the people, the city. And the phone rings again.

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