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Heart break 

I called it friendship. You called it a favor. We both knew it was much more. Only you knew it was wrong. I took my heartbreak and left. It wasn’t forever as you have come back into my life. Only to break my heart again. 



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Friday Fives!

If I asked my 23 year old self, I would have said that I have a lot of time, medical science has advanced so much that the biological clock was a matter of old folks tales. There are plenty of stories of women in their 40’s getting pregnant. That holds true now more than then. What no one tells you is the costs of getting pregnant so late in life. I am not even alluding to money. After all, who puts a price tag on a child. The costs are more in terms of time, emotions and physical struggle. By the time a woman is in her 30’s the responsibilities, stress, commitments she has is way more than one anticipates in their 20’s. So here I am into my late 30’s wondering if I would fail in the one superpower I was born with?

The presidential electoral candidates in the United States has me worried. The country being largely divided into two groups it is difficult to agree with all the principles of one party over the other. Each party brings in good ideas with some very bad ones. Of course people vote for the party and not an individual, but don’t individuals matter? Right now all I see is a bunch of clowns. Or has Obama really set the bar that high?

Being the doctor, I am a go to person for a lot of people. I consider it a privilege that people would trust me with their most intimate fears. Come to me for a second opinion, an idea they want to run by, just to voice their concerns, or just use my being a doctor as an excuse to speak with me. When I have my doctor hat on, I am always happy to be of service. So when I get push back on the healthy living articles I forward to family and friends, or when people tell me to “chill” when I remind them that they should get their yearly medical check-ups, I am left wondering at the irony at the situation.

Please don’t kill my blog. I appreciate the fact that there are people who read my blog. Some of you that do,  reached out to me via emails/texts/instagram asking me if I was okay based on my last post. However well meaning you were, I really would have preferred comments here which is why I didn’t encourage conversations on other mediums. I write a post, to generate conversation here. If I wanted to reach out to you in person, I would have. Imagine how many more people we could have reached if we talked about things here. Blogging begets comments on blog. A blogger can hope.

On the most positive note, I was invited to join the swimming master’s class this week. I have been wanting to get to that level for a while now, but don’t think I am ready. My old swim coach mentioned that he will work at my level and get me to speed. I cannot wait. Needless to say I am excited like a school girl and giddy with happiness at the prospect of working with my old coach after 18 months.

What is making you excited and happy or sad and confused? Have a great weekend you all.


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There is a certain pleasure in telling the detractors “watch me”.

It is easier to give up, much harder to keep going. Reminding yourself why you even started may help.

I judge, so do you. That is the only we process the information we get and react to our circumstances.

Letting go is hard. It is not the thing that we are letting go, but the person we are because of this thing that we will miss the most.

We don’t always have to let go. No one can take away our memories from us.


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It will only get better

I don’t want to say good bye to 2015, but it isn’t staying is it now? It hasn’t been the most productive or ground breaking year I have had but it helped me grow a lot. For all the lessons I have learned, for the personal growth I have had, the people I met and the people I hope to meet some day, 2015 was a beautiful year.

Here is to 2016! Happy New Year everyone!


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In the ideal world…

If I could have one day or even a moment, in which you could indulge in me, with no consequences to my words or actions, just pure exchange of words, feelings and thoughts, then perhaps we could stop with the blame game, forgotten past, unsaid words and unwritten stories.

In the ideal world we would still be friends. The kinds that chatted for hours, in spite of months or even years of silence, between whom it was okay to let our guard down and admit our love for each other. We don’t acquire each other, we chose each other which makes this a unique bond.

No, this post is not in any retaliation, so wipe off that smirk from your face. I will admit though that you too are a part of this hope that I hold for so many.

In the ideal world, I would not have to hope this hope..


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One day down, 364 days to go.

Every day is the first day for the rest of your life. Everyday is an opportunity to let go of the past. Everyday you can embrace the future. Everyday is a new beginning.

Yet, something about the change in year has an energy about itself. Time to make some more resolutions and hold myself accountable. Last year proved to be good. So here we are again!

1. Health: Of the body and mind.

2. Attitude: Adjustment, reconsideration, realignment

3. Society: Get real.

4. Discipline: Body, mind and soul.

5. Priorities: Me me me and me.

No need to elaborate at this time. Time will tell and hopefully you will know. Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and looking forward to conversations and more in the coming months.


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So long 2014!

I have another 8 days of vacation left. I’m really looking forward to it. I have so much to share and so much to talk about! I hope I will get to it in time. The next few days I will remain incommunicado due to lack of means and a small lack of will. I want to let the mind free for a bit.

I don’t plan to be gone too long, but it might take me while to get back. Thank you for all the follows. Thank you for comments and emails and support and kindness.

Hope to keep the conversation going. See you in 2015 if not sooner.


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