It works somehow..

He was the ideal boyfriend, she was the perfect gold digger. Friends laid bets over the months or years they would last. 18 years of togetherness begs a closer look. He feeds off her ambition, she grounds him perfectly. No one else can see it, but they work!

He was the best thing that happened to her. Her lack of respect and appreciation was palpable. 9 years down the line, she is the anchor he is hanging onto. He is the calm in the storm that she lives in. Difficult to explain it, but they work.

She was a rock star. He was a loser. People around them thought she was the loser to be with him and him, well less said the better. Thirteen years down the line, he is her purpose in life, she is the challenge he always needed. They work.


I am sure people look at us and wonder what keeps us together. But we work. At least for now.



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2 responses to “It works somehow..

  1. SA

    Nobody knows your story the way you know your stories. Nobody has lived through your experiences – Good/ bad. All they can do is speculate.
    Who needs perfection when there is so much chaos everywhere. As long as it clicks, makes you happy and gives you peace of mind – It works.


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