The struggle is real!

Wow 22 days since my last post. So much has happened, needless to say. Time flies when you are having fun they say, or when life takes such a turn that you want to bury your head in a deep hole and never come out of it. I am not liking being an adult. This phase has been tough to put it mildly. I almost had a nervous breakdown last week.  A very new feeling for me. I used to think nervous breakdowns were an urban myth. Then I survived it. Or perhaps I have become adept at faking it, till I make it. To overcome the feeling of impending doom, I decided to shut down completely; help reset the brain. No phone calls, messages, social media, well meaning friends, not so well meaning family, husband, neighbor, you get the idea. Suddenly, like the coming on of a light bulb I felt like there was no point in all the stress I was taking on. So what that I am jobless, with a master’s loan looming on my head, my husband might lose his job this week, we are struggling emotionally and physically due to lack of a baby, need to work on my master’s thesis, mothers are being mothers, cousins have failing kidneys, closest friend is now a recovering alcoholic and our adopted friends are really getting onto our nerves. Really when you lay it out like that, it is just another weekday! No biggie!



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2 responses to “The struggle is real!

  1. I hear you sister, and have been going through a tough phase myself. Although, I am beginning to understand that all my problems are self-created, because most people in my exact situation think nothing of it. I am extremely prone to stress and anxiety and out of the three jobs I have held, this is the second that’s stressing me out to the point that I dont smile at home, which makes the husband angry. Your situation sounds far more stressful, I must admit. Do you feel better now? Did the disconnecting, help?


    • So first of all I have no clue why WordPress doesn’t get, that I love hearing from you. I am sorry, your comments always find themselves in the spam folder. Secondly, I am sorry you find yourself in a stressful situation. To answer your question, I think unplugging for a little helps to recharge. If that can make sense. Just need a little reset once in a while.

      Here is my take on stress. It is real while you feel it. People deal with situations differently. So what might be terrible for you, might be nothing for me. That doesn’t make it any less real or horrible. I don’t agree with people who belittle our worries. I agree that sometimes that can show us another perspective, which maybe good- but we are the only ones who can help ourselves. Or so I feel. 🙂 So yes, smile more.. it always helps relieve some stress.

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