Today is going to be a tough day. Let me rephrase, there will be a few minutes today that will be tough to live through. I cannot pin point why I have this feeling of impending doom. I have thought about this , discussed the pros and cons several times in my head, and with my husband. I know I am doing the right thing and yet I have butterflies doing the nervous tap dance in my belly.

Passion and determination only take you so far. At some point reality needs to be accepted. Practicality needs to take over and ‘moving on’ needs to be done.

Why do 80 year olds in this country work? A part of me loves the fact that this country provides an opportunity for a 80 year old to keep a self respecting job. I love the fact that 80 year olds are healthy enough to go to work. On the flip side I wonder why are 80 year olds still working? Did they not save, invest? Do they not have family that could support them? What motivates them to do this?

Politics is tricky. No one discusses their political beliefs. It isn’t considered a topic to be talked about in public. Friendships are broken, relationships are lost and animosity is bred all over the political belief one has. Perhaps it is time to change that. Perhaps it is time to talk about our beliefs, our collective frustrations. It doesn’t matter what party you support, we all have the same concerns for ourselves and fear for our future generations. It is okay to say you are worried because your faith in your own party is wavering. At this time, people of all parties feel the same.


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