Friday – rant day

I mean no offense to anyone. I would also like you to challenge my experiences by helping me find new ones, ones that restore my faith but for now, I need to rant.

  1. Everybody in this time and age is a connoisseur of sorts. I don’t like this coffe, cannot stand that movie, don’t read such books, not my type of music, not my type of people. Before you even allow yourself to give another thing a chance, the nose is turned up and a no is at the tip of the tongue. How about tone down false egos, get off your high horse and learn to appreciate little things in life. Or just take your negativity elsewhere.
  2. Nope you are not entitled. Nothing and absolutely nothing entitles you to anything. Not even your voting right if you are going to abuse it. Your parent’s money, your parent’s lack of decent bringing up, your arrogant little self who has never achieved anything in life, is not entitled. To people, places or things. Ask your parents. They have worked very hard to get where they are. They have worked very hard to provide for you. You just didn’t see the sleepless nights, or bank statements. No lunch is free should have been the one lesson they taught you.
  3. The struggle is real for everyone. If you have had it easy thus far you are going to get it bad later on. At some point you will have to pay your dues. Everyone has to. I wished parents would teach their kids that. Yes we all want to provide the best for our children, we want to do more than our parents did. If you think you turned out alright, then your parents did something right. I bet they didn’t always say yes and you were punished for bad behaviour. It is okay to do the same for the next generation.
  4. Health is an investment. It takes time, energy, money and shifting of priorities. So the ‘chalta hai’ attitude thrown at someone who has battled weight loss for years, watched her family disappear due to ignorance and arrogance is irritating and unnecessary. I understand that my constant reminder to my friends and family could be irritating. I would hope that you can see, I come from a place of worry, fear and care. Only because I want the best for you, do I take that extra minute to send you articles, information and reminders that I feel would be helpful to you. I am very close to stop caring with your attitude.
  5. What’s up with the new passive aggressive behaviour on social media. What’s up with I know it all attitude? What’s up with, I am too cool to ask arrogance? What’s up with hoping life will happen to you, when you make no effort of living it to it’s fullest potential?

Phew! Over and out! Have a great weekend you all!



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12 responses to “Friday – rant day

  1. SA

    Ha ha ha.. I am just laughing out loud right now! I know what you mean and I guess I am guilty too. Most times I have my reasons which I normally don’t articulate well. For Eg: A friend asked me to try the home made beaten coffee and I politely refused. I did that because it gives me acidity and the other person actually ended up blackmailing me and I had to drink that coffee..

    I don’t ever think that anybody knows it all. There is so much out there and so much to learn regardless of the subject. I think by showing that attitude we are in a way stopping our learning..


    • SA: We all have likes dislikes medical reasons. You come across as a very open/ accepting person in comparison to what I am referring to. I am referring to arrogance and losing out on experience. Or just plain inertia that is constantly saying no.

      I agree with you. My mom always says, the day you think you know it all, is the end of your learning and growing.


  2. Have you written about your weight loss battles? Can you point me to them? I think I have stopped caring after a point and though I am slowly beginning to care again, a little bit of jumpstarting wouldn’t hurt. I am actually sometimes snappy with my mother when she sends me stuff the same way you do to your family :-\

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    • That’s my problem. People aren’t caring. It’s our body, what we do with it is in our hands. It is very hard to lose weight. The rules are simple, it’s staying consistent that is a true test of our will power.

      I understand your irritation. You probably think your mother is body shaming you ( which is very common) or doesn’t accept/ like you the way you are and wants you to change. I don’t know what it is, but the intentions you don’t like. If you start believing that those forwards are coming from a very deep place of love and caring, you will feel differently.

      I write posts here, but I chronicle my journey on my weight loss blog:


  3. Your angst is so understandable. Although, I may be guilty of the upturned nose attitude every now and then. I really need to work on being more inclusive and appreciative of tastes other than mine.

    I am always made fun of because eating right is my top priority ALL the time. Which means it alienates people because they have comments to make about my dabba being too sad looking. I stop talking to such people and eat my dabba by myself. If I try to explain, I get the typical, “don’t be so serious ya. chalta hain.” A colleague once quarreled with me when I said I am trying to cut back on sugar since it’s so bad. He almost yelled at me for “demonizing an ingredient.” He also did the same in defense of maida. Luckily, everyone at the tabled, in spite of not necessarily being health conscious, found him ridiculous. 😀

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    • Making a conscious decision to be healthy is what all of us need to do. So for that please turn your nose any direction you want. I had to even stop hanging out with some people, as they just couldn’t get why I would order a coffee or green tea instead of dessert.

      What I mean by arrogance/ignorance is ” Oh I only drink starbucks”, I wont even give a local deli a change. I only eat butter chicken curry, because I cannot be bothered to try Ethiopian cuisine. I won’t watch Deepika Padukone’s movies as she is too skinny? Like really?


  4. Entitlement really gets me. The younger generation think that things should be handed to them…it’s frustrating.

    And thin people who have never struggled with their weight thinking overweight people are lazy. Sometimes, yes, but a lot of, they are struggle with a food addiction. It’s real.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

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    • Please rant away! I totally hear you. Quite honestly my own perception of people around me changed once I started my own weight loss journey. I didn’t think people were lazy per se, but I didn’t ever think of the struggle. I sort of know now.

      Oh these youngsters!!! Don’t even get me started. Just spoiled, entitled nuisance. LOL.. I dread having my own. How I will raise them to be good children?

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  5. Echoed my feelings. I guess we all feel the same way since we belong to a particular generation. These days, youngsters have too much of choices and freedom, they are brought up on “plenty”. I remember we never had the option to select specific breakfast or the menu for our meal. We ate happily whatever was offered. Same goes for toys and stuff.


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