You don’t always need words!


Unsaid words make for the worst conversations. The guessing game is tough, painful, and time consuming. We yearn for the truth. Who knows what that is?

*”In a face to face conversation a lot more is apparent via the non-verbal, the eye contact, body language etc, and the content of the conversation – who is contributing how much, how much monosyllabic utterances etc are being used. This assessment is difficult as it is – because how much do [you] actually know someone or what’s really going on for him/her, but particularly more difficult in written esp text chat etc, given one might not even smile but respond with LOL!*

Hopes and desires take over the senses and turn to pain and anguish. Instead can I propose some faith in your belief. Even if the words you wanted to hear weren’t uttered, trust your self, your feelings and savor the memories you made.

*”Between two people it is the underlying central character of the relationship that they share is the only thing that matters, everything else, including the quantity and quality of conversations etc is an embellishment.”*

*I would quote you, but I don’t even know how to address you, or what place you want to have in my life. Thank you for your words!





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6 responses to “You don’t always need words!

  1. We don’t always have the choice, but I increasingly make no efforts to engage with folks who cannot be bothered to play their part in meaningful interaction. It is easier to do this when they are far removed from the minutiae of your everyday life – like people I know only through my interactions on online platforms. It is disappointing and it is like a thought stifled and an expression murdered mid speech and a chance to get to know more about someone or something, but saves me from making the effort to engage with them the next time around. Not wholly related to what you are saying, I know.

    Folks who prompt you to write these things – do they read your blog?


    • No I don’t think the two people I am referring to, read my blog. Actually no one in my real perhaps reads my blog. 🙂

      It is all the virtual world for me, full of it’s mysteries. I like to keep it like that. Some how making friends through the online world has never gone down too well for me. I avoid it like a plague as much as I can.

      What are you saying is equally relevant. My post is about conversations. Some times, the words aren’t ever spoken/written/communicated. It does stifle conversations, relationships and a future.

      I do wonder though, do those words have to be always said? Do gestures really mean more than words.


      • Oooooh. This was for two people!

        Not sure in what context you mean, but I think communication by way of gestures or words, should work as long as it closes the interaction. I know you are probably saying it from a place far more graver than my concern. Mine is actually stemming from a comparatively more trivial preoccupation with fleeting online interactions that leave me annoyed when people don’t honor simple good manners. What is the point really of generating content when you don’t want to engage with anyone. What is a girl supposed to do except say good luck and good bye, then because who is going to risk silence, snark or rudeness once more trying to talk? You are welcome to you and your tanhaee in that case. Ufffff.


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