Friday Fives!

# I complete 9 years with WordPress today. I was already blogging on Blogspot before that. Most people that I followed then and continue to do so now have moved over to WordPress. This place feels like home. It feels like my own family.

# I’ve been working on amends with people. People I let go, those who let me go. One would think that after all this time, the feelings then don’t really matter. Or so we tell ourselves. But they do. How you dealt with them then even more so.

# Does anyone know how to hold onto time. It is flying past me and I am losing some ground. My swim coach once told me, each day is a day you can do something about. Friday, Monday, Thursday are really all the same.

# Three more months to this year. How did I get this far and get no where?

# #StepitupSeptember went well. Of course it could have been better. But now onto October. Time for quarter yearly resolutions? #IneedahashtagforOctober. 🙂 Any suggestions anyone?

Happy weekend y’all.


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