I have talked about this day so many times on this blog. No matter what where how old you were, you have a story. I am sure everyone has one. You remember exactly where you were, what you were doing and the vulnerability you felt when you heard/saw the news.

Vulnerability was probably followed by fear, anger, frustration and sadness. I saw tears in the eyes of grown men and fear in those that often knew how to comfort us. True, life as we knew it would never be the same again. Not for the ones who were directly affected but everyone who has experienced this in their lifetime.

I often wonder though is #Never forget an appropriate/adequate homage to those who suffered, whether it was loss of a loved one, property, health, safety or even a good night’s sleep, or is it keeping the terror alive and letting the other side win.

My pledge is to #neverforget that they don’t scare us, they don’t dominate us. We will live on and we will flourish. We will love and smile and feel free. We will teach our children to trust and shake a stranger’s hands without fear. We will tell them that this world is a beautiful place and not everyone is bad because of a handful of people.

We will #neverforget that patience, tolerance and love triumphs any act of terrorism thrown at us.


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