You denied me of a coffee, a conversation and closure. I think of you, but I know I am over you. I will miss what we could have had. Now I know there is nothing much to mourn.

I didn’t get the closure I wanted. I have finally made peace. I might still have moments of weakness. They will remain inconsequential .



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2 responses to “Closure

  1. I think we want closure because we all want a reason. And I’ve fought for the closure as well, thinking I would be able to move on but I was wrong. Though I was lucky in having my closure, it made it harder for me to move on and since the truth slapped me on my face, I had no choice but to move on. Sometimes closure is good but sometimes you don’t need it at all. Hearing them say they do not love you anymore sucks and moving on is the best thing to do though its hard. Don’t worry you’ll get there soon 🙂


    • det-res

      Hey! I so hear you. I never pushed the conversation, because I wasn’t sure I would like what I would hear. I have moved on. I am happier that way.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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