Personal Statements

No matter what you apply to, be a school, job, one needs to write a personal statement. I need to write another one to suit the position I am applying to. It is supposed to be personal but we all know that there are recipes involved. You need to use the buzzwords, create a story and sound awesome. Here is what I want to really say to my employer, while I work on rounding off the edges. 🙂

You probably want me to say, I want this job because I to save lives. Social work is what I feel passionate about and this job will give me an opportunity to give back to the community I have got so much from.

Well, here is the truth. I do want to save lives, but more importantly I want to decrease suffering. I have learned through my years of experience that I will not be able to save all the lives I will encounter, but if I can make one more person comfortable, ease their suffering, lessen their pain, I can sleep well at night, knowing I did the best I could. That my patients are in a better place now than when I first met them.

I am passionate about Surgery. I like operating, I like the procedures. I thrive on the challenges each patient provides. I find it fascinating that on one hand, the human body is exactly the same irrespective of race, religion,color, geographical location, ( of course there are gender differences to be accounted for) on the other each person brings with them their own challenges. Sometime the approach to the same disease, can throw us a curve ball. I look forward to that challenge. I like knowing that no matter what that curve ball is I can think on my feet and I can come up with a solution. If I don’t know what that solution is, I have enough experience to know that I should ask for help. I am very okay with that, as deep down I really want my patients to win their battle with disease.

Having experienced pain, loss and suffering from close quarters, I know that as a doctor I may not always have a cure, I might not always make things right, I may not always have the answers, but I can always be kind and attentive. I want to continue to learn and be involved in gaining knowledge. I know as healthcare professionals we have not even scratched the surface, which is why I am involved in research. It is important to ask pertinent questions. it is important to look outside of the box and sometimes pretend there is no box.

My need for constantly improving, my intellectual curiosity and need to make good of my qualifications keeps me self motivated. I do well under pressure, I communicate easily and can adapt to different environments easily. I enjoy working in teams and can comfortably take on leadership roles.

I know I will be an asset to your organization. I will fit in well and can hit the ground running. I am good. You can only find out if you actually take me. So don’t take my word for it, take me. Work with me. And you will see. 🙂



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  1. SA

    That’s my doctor 🙂


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