Conversations are difficult. I don’t understand why? People would rather avoid you than tell you what you did to hurt them. The pain perpetuates and everyone loses. I wished people would just be more open, honest and communicative.

Positivity can be very elusive. No matter how many motivational quotes one may have at their disposal, it is the mind that always wins. I wonder if there is a positivity elixir I can find some place.

We have reached the 5th month of this year. 2015 cannot be just another year. It has to count for something. Time to revisit those resolutions. Perhaps define them better.

Help is not a bad word. In today’s world when everyone is a super achiever, we don’t ask for help. In stead we are afraid that if we did, we will look weak. Successful people network, reach out, talk to people and not hide. E.V.E.R.

Every once in a while it is nice to hear someone tell you something about yourself that you had forgotten. So I am going to remind myself, I am a good person, I work very hard, I mean well, I am a loyal friend, and while most people don’t like it, I am glad I am brutally honest.



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11 responses to “Thought-pourri

  1. SA

    I am here trying to remind you that:
    –> You express your emotions and write about them beautifully. I really admire that..

    –> You are strong..

    I hope 2015 turns out a wonderful year for you.. Break a leg!


  2. Yes, reminding to yourself about your qualities is a good thing. Cheers, HC

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  3. There IS a magic elixir for positivity. And I know right where you can find it. It’s in YOU. Having a positive outlook is a choice. On the days when I am feeling crappy (which happens all the time), I have to sit myself down and remind myself that my outlook is my own choice. And that outlook colors all that I see, and all that I do. When I choose a positive outlook I behave differently.

    It may not always seem like a choice. Sometimes it may seem as though it is the environment, hormones, or whatever, that drives our view. But, I can assure you… it is always a choice.

    Choose positivity!


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