Forever in time..

Time is a great healer they say. As time has gone by I realize you are becoming a distant memory. One that is fading faster than I am ready to let go. Such is the power of time.

I often stop to think about you. I wonder if the pain of losing is all mine? The time spent together, the memories I made I will cherish for a long time to come. I console myself.

Will you truly be gone forever? I sometimes shudder at the thought. I yearn to keep a part of you living in me?




Filed under Life, Love, Pain

2 responses to “Forever in time..

  1. I agree. Time has a way of healing. Time is like distance. The greater amount of time, the greater the distance. Painful memories fade. I think that is the reason why I write. Thank you.


  2. det-res

    I find writing therapeutic in itself. Sometimes when I struggle with my feelings I start to type. It is like a conversation with myself and I am able to clarify my own thoughts. Helps me! Thank you for stopping by.


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