Promised hope..

There is a slight hint of spring in the air. It will be taken away from us next week. Definitely a much needed break from the cold. It is really a tease, a welcome one at that. Will definitely help with the next few weeks of winter.

Contentment remains elusive. A good laugh, deep passionate kiss, hearty meals, warm clothes, a loving partner are sometimes not enough. The heart wants what it wants. It is tough when the mind doesn’t know what that is.

Success, achievements, accolades come and go. The ones on paper stick with you. The ones mentioned get forgotten. Some personal ones remain just that. Your own personal achievements, with no one to share them.

Attacks on women feels personal. Attacks on my country feels personal. Attacks on my profession feels personal. Attacks everywhere hurt. Dissociation might be a good trait to acquire just about now.

It will be okay. One would hope. Short memory bursts, spontaneous tears, hormonal changes, dates that could have to come to be life altering hover around this beautiful spring day. Life will turn a new leaf. Even life needs time.

That is the promise this very elusive spring day holds. No matter what, one always has hope!



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2 responses to “Promised hope..

  1. Thank you for this lovely one.


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