Letter to my coach!

Another note I will not be sharing with my coach!

Dear Coach!

I could be wrong since you are my first ever coach. I think coaches are like primary care physicians. Someone you go to for everything, every time. Occasionally you may need a specialist or an allied health care provider but you always come back to your PCP. It’s about trust and faith and comfort and familiarity.

Thank you for talking to me. I was pretty bummed that you may not want to coach me again. Though I would have understood if you ever decide to stop. I would however appreciate you telling me directly so I can stop giving people my two cents on loyalty and bestowing profanity at the pool.

Coffee/dinner is still on. Perhaps we should add cake to the mix. We never got to celebrate your birthday. Or talk about my home town.

I hope whatever you are struggling with personally sorts itself out. Keep the faith it always does. You are missed. With/without the beard*. 🙂

Your least successful student, hoping to kick a**!

*The discussion on the beard has the potential of becoming an inside joke. I hope it does. I might actually warm up to it.


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