Oh boy!

Valentine’s day is soon approaching. Just when you think you are done with the social mayhem of December, February sneaks up on us. The pressure!

No one tells you what happens to the happily every after. Novels, movies, even our own fantasies stop short at that perfect kiss, perfect wedding dress or that perfect honeymoon destination. Once the bills come in for all those perfections, the romance dissipates a bit. I can assure you no one talks about what happens to that perfect relationship 5, 10, 20 years after those perfections fade away.

And they do. Familiarity sets in. What was once exciting becomes boring, annoying even. What we make so much effort in obtaining, we start taking for granted. Practicality takes over the romance of it all. I wont even completely ruin it for you by telling you about bills,pets, children and perpetual sleep deprivation. Suddenly there is no you, there is us and there is all of that.

So while V-day is a sweet concept, and even better when it falls on a Saturday, I will be more than happy to get an afternoon nap along side the husband. Perhaps throw in some leisurely cuddles. Now wouldn’t that be a party.



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2 responses to “Oh boy!

  1. SA

    Love changes forms.. and rightly so.. 🙂


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