Happy Hump day!

This phrase always bemused me. Wikipedia sums up all the potential meanings I know. The first time someone told me about hump day I raised my eyebrows and judged the good people of Bethlehem. Of course.

Today I know I need a plan. Without one and goal in mind, I am setting myself up to fail. With a plan, I will at least have a real chance. One good chance is all we need.

No matter how tough change is, sometimes that is all you need. A true change. Letting go of the known isn’t easy. But then success is at the end of your comfort zone.

Trust doesn’t come easy. It is hard to keep it even when you have it. Once lost, it is hard to get it back.

Love seems to have the same deal.

All is not lost on this hump day. A hug, a smile, a kiss, a message, a plan, some motivation, some promises and a hot cup of coffee. It is going to be great!



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2 responses to “Happy Hump day!

  1. SA

    Yes, all is going to be well.. Just what I needed to hear today.
    We will be okay.. With Hot coffee and some motivation we will get there 🙂


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