One day down, 364 days to go.

Every day is the first day for the rest of your life. Everyday is an opportunity to let go of the past. Everyday you can embrace the future. Everyday is a new beginning.

Yet, something about the change in year has an energy about itself. Time to make some more resolutions and hold myself accountable. Last year proved to be good. So here we are again!

1. Health: Of the body and mind.

2. Attitude: Adjustment, reconsideration, realignment

3. Society: Get real.

4. Discipline: Body, mind and soul.

5. Priorities: Me me me and me.

No need to elaborate at this time. Time will tell and hopefully you will know. Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year, and looking forward to conversations and more in the coming months.



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5 responses to “One day down, 364 days to go.

  1. Moushumi Ghosh

    Amen to that det-res! May I have your permission to appropriate this list?



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