Auditing our life.

Another 6 to 7 hours and I am going to see my you after 19 days. We have been together now for more than 7 years, married for 6 years in 2 days. We have changed 5 jobs between us, have 4 academic degrees combined. We have moved 2 apartments together, innumerable on our own. We have grieved the loss of 4 of our closest family in our time together. We have had a million fights. I believe when a couple can complete each other’s sentences then it is time to make a change. Not only is variety the spice of life, mystery is good for the soul. No? Yes?

So today I am auditing this relationship. We have lived so many lives together in such a short time. For all the remaining, I hope you will continue to be the one.

Happy Anniversary my love!



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2 responses to “Auditing our life.

  1. SA

    Congratulations! Wish you many years of togetherness..


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