In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

I am very excited about taking up this challenge. I think it is one that I can keep. I have unfortunately not started the Daytona Walking challenge. I really wanted to. While I may not call it the same, I will definitely do it once I am back from vacation. That will happen in another three weeks. But 99 days of walking. I know I can do it. I want to. I also miss swimming a lot. People had told me that I will get addicted to it. I didn’t think so at that time. I miss the water. I miss the weightlessness. I miss the time I didn’t have to think about anything. That one hour that I spent in the pool was such a wonderful mindless time. I liked it, to keep my head straight. To keep my sanity. I never know when stress is hitting me. It manifests in all odd ways. I realize now that I would generally end up picking up a fight. Now that I am more at peace with myself, I notice the change in my reactions to people, places, things. I am happy about this change. I am happy that I have found peace within myself. I know I have done and said crazy things the past few months. I am glad I have found this opportunity to reset. I don’t know if I will find opportunities to rectify the craziness. Perhaps we can all decide to move on from there. Whatever the case, I am rejuvenated. I feel like home has healed my soul. I feel like I am reminded why I got to the place I did. Why I made the choices I did. What is really important in life. It reminded me where I want to be. The past few days, have been a great reset point. I constantly worry about gaining weight and undoing what I have done so far. Perhaps I should stop being that crazy weight lady.  I should perhaps remind myself, that a stress free mind is a healthy mind. Why did I become so obsessed? Why was I going crazy? Why didn’t I accept I missed my dad and that this place would not be the same without him. Why did I avoid coming home for over 3 years. Why did I forget I have a mom that depends on me? Why did I forget the promises I silently made to my dad. Today I feel I have some of those answers. And even if some questions remain unanswered, I am glad that I gave myself this time to ask those questions.



December 12, 2014 · 1:09 am

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