It is personal to most of us. Only some of us have thought about making money out of this hobby. It has crossed my mind, but like many fellow bloggers I don’t want to make this space commercial. I want this space to remain mine, just as I like it. This is my outlet, only dictated by my mind and the fingers that type furiously across the key board. It isn’t dictated by traffic, or comments or sponsors. This space, let’s me speak my mind just as is.

There is a distinct possibility that my actions are dictated by sheer laziness. I don’t have it in me to make that effort. I have been blogging for 8 years and not much to show for it. Not much traffic, barely any comments and no publicity whatsoever. Even when people reach out to me via email, I prefer the conversations continue over the blog. I find the camaraderie that I can extend via this medium surpasses what I can do in the non-blog world. That world is full with no space for more. But here, I am still building those bonds.This space is open and willing.

Bloggers want to have an audience. An interactive one at that. There is no denying the hopes and dreams of a blogger. Yet some of us have survived the long silences. Some of our own, but mostly of others. I wonder what brings us back? Pure love of writing? Need to express ourselves? The hope that one day, our voice will be heard?

Whatever be the case, this is a wonderful space.



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4 responses to “Blogging!

  1. SA

    This post made me smile..
    The reasons why I came back – 1. I read a couple of lines in on of your posts about friendship and it kind of resonated with my ideas..
    2. The ability to write about your issues.. I am the kinds who keep shoving things under the carpet to avoid them

    Having said all that.. it is just amazing how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    There is an unspoken connect somewhere..


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