Oh Air-India, take me home.

A few years ago Air-India celebrated it’s 75th anniversary of being operational as a national carrier. My father had worked for this company his entire life, some 34 plus years. What my family and I felt for this company, or the loyalty we have cannot really be put into words. For me, it was our lifeline. The airline made my education, my childhood travel experiences and my identity possible. For me, it has been second home, in so many ways. So I wrote a post about it, to congratulate the company and to express the pride I felt. But took it down because I didn’t want harmless criticism or the comments from people who haven’t been Air-Indians. Sorry, but you know nothing about being one, unless you have been one.

A very good friend and fellow-blogger, caught my post in the 30 seconds it was up. He understood why I had taken it down, but recommended I should not let people’s opinions make me shy of my own. It was great advice and I wanted to put up the post but for the life of me I couldn’t find it. I have regretted that one.

It has been over three years that I have flown Air-India and a long distance flight at that. Right from the familiar beautiful Indian faces, to the vibrant colors, the 23 possible Indian languages one can hear in a single long-distance flight, from new-borns to almost in the grave uncles/aunties, from the fantastic collection of Indian movies to the wonderful co-passenger who completely identifies with your sentiments of living abroad and cannot wait to be back home. Last but not least, the wonderful Indian meals that give you the slightest hint of what awaits you on your trip back home.

Oh Air-India you take me back home every single time.



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4 responses to “Oh Air-India, take me home.

  1. SA

    Lovely Post..! Hope you had a good homecoming..


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