Happy Friday and Thought-pourri

This is the last weekend in this city I call home, for the rest of this year. I then go to my other home. A place I have always called home but not lived in for the last 16 years. Even the place I call home has changed. I think home is no longer a real place. It is a feeling.

Since I haven’t gone back in 3.5 years, I know a lot would have changed. People, places have all enjoyed their time and moved on. Every time I have gone back, a part of my childhood is erased. I used to feel cheated, but I now realize that change is imperative.

We adapt. That is what the human race does, otherwise this race would have vanished a long time ago. I am already noticing a difference in people. I cannot tell if I don’t like the changes because I wished a part of my childhood could remain the same, or because I haven’t been given the opportunity to adapt to the changes. Either way an open mind and heart might make the transition a very happy process.

There are professional/ personal commitments to take care of before I leave. I wished I had more days than I have and it could be Tuesday already. I don’t want to struggle through all of it, but I will. I am confident I will be happy at the end of it.

Here is wishing you all a very happy Friday and weekend. My next entry is probably going to be from back home! 🙂


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