Challenged faith

I always have something to say. Since I don’t really know how to ask, I say thanks. That I know how to do. I am grateful for all the blessings I have received. I am fully aware of them. I don’t ask.

I haven’t felt this numb in a long time. I didn’t have thanks to say, I didn’t have questions. I couldn’t remember the people I always think of. I felt blank. Until I didn’t. I cried.

There has been a lot of crying the past few days. Some I can explain, a lot I cannot. So I let it be. I let the tears flow. Hoping that would help communicate what I feel.

I feel cheated. My faith is being challenged. I believed the unsaid can be heard. I haven’t seen that happen in a while and all I now feel is angry. Empty even.

In the what is considered a safe haven, I feel alone and empty and angry, but most of all I feel challenged.



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6 responses to “Challenged faith

  1. SA

    I think I know this feeling.. I am going through something at the moment..
    And it is hard.. It is difficult. They all say – “This shall pass too” but it is really difficult to believe in it..

    I wrote something about it:

    Let me know if you need the Pwd..


  2. SA

    I left comments on this page yesterday. I am not sure if they ever reached you.. Let me give it one more shot..

    I am going through something similar and it is hell lot harder than what I had estimated it for..
    There are people everywhere and they say – “This shall pass too..” It doesn’t help..
    In the end it is all about how you fight it..
    I must admire you for your ability to write and share it.. I tried and just couldn’t share it.. In the end I encrypted it..

    If you want to read it, email me for Pwd..


  3. SA

    Did you get my infinite comments? It feels something is wrong or is my ID blocked? 😉


  4. SA

    Test Comment… 123..


  5. Just checked. Were in my spam folder. I think because of the link. determinedresident @ gmail dot com

    Would like to read.Writing is where I let go of my catharsis. I write for me. I don’t write to readers, which is probably why I have so few. 🙂 Which is also probably why it is so easy for me to write. 🙂


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