Nature vs science

Or should it be the other way around? The past few days have been very contemplative. I have been contemplative. I have thought of things I would never have. Reached out to people I normally wouldn’t and sought solace in places I was very angry with. All in all, I cannot explain my mind and my actions.

It has been very humbling to realize that my scientific brain may not find the answers it seeks. As a friend rightly explained, medical science cannot explain or test for the things it doesn’t know. We don’t know so much. Explains why my nurse apologized for the medical fraternity as soon as she entered my room. I was almost offended as I have a lot of faith in my science. Now 10 days later I understand what she was apologizing for. Medical science has barely touched the surface. Not much to speak home about eh?

Science does not explain our faith. Be it in god or our science or whatever else we believe in. I want to believe (that too very strongly) that I will find the answers. So I can do something about it. People around me tell me to keep my faith in god. Don’t look for answers, trust his better judgement. Well right now that is a little hard to do. I have also been told to trust my own body. It knows what is right. Well if it did then how come so many of us get cancer, or experience unexplained catastrophes.

Something is obviously not right or aligned. And yet the human race persists. The tenacity we show in accepting and moving on is mind numbing sometimes. Is that a mere defense mechanism? Are we in denial? Or is it really best to let go?

Will nature always win over science?


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2 responses to “Nature vs science

  1. SA

    Nature-1, Science -0 : Always, Methinks.


  2. Would definitely appear so! 😦


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