To women, with love!

Tonight one week ago, I didn’t know a part of me would die forever. A week later I am enriched by the lives of women around me. Not to belittle the wonderful man I share my loss with, or the family and friends that have reached out to us in this challenging time of our life. This post however is dedicated to all the wonderful women in our lives.

Our mothers: They have both seen the loss of loved ones from very close quarters. I was thrilled that I was the reason they would see their family grow. I knew they didn’t expect me to, but it felt good to know that I could make them look forward to a new life. Breaking the news to them was the hardest for me. Yet again they both proved to be the strongest women I know. They both reassured me, I wasn’t alone and that god-willing there will more to look forward to. Most importantly they wanted to ensure I was okay. Just like that their focus is on their children again.

My boss:  She isn’t the most loved woman in my field. She doesn’t exactly exude the motherly vibe. As I struggle to get back to my daily grind, I have often thought of my boss. I hear her telling me that life is passing me by everyday. Deadlines have to be met, exams need to be studied for. As much as I am responsible for myself, my family and friends I have a responsibility to my profession, school and those that depend on me.

And all of you out there: The most startling revelation I have had in the last week is that we are not alone. Women all over the world, of all ages, race and geographical locations, with varying degrees of health lose pregnancy at some point in their lives. Yet no one talks about it. This last week so many women have come forth and shared with me the most heart-wrenching accounts of what they have gone through. Apart from the strength and support I have received I have been given the gift of hope.

For that alone, I cannot thank you enough.


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