My hopes for you.- Originally written on 10/22/2014

One day you will come into our lives. Right now it is one big hope. I think of you often. I realize how much I already love you. It baffles me. I haven’t met you, or heard your voice. I don’t know what kind of person you will turn out to be. I don’t know if I will like you, or if you will like me. We will have a bond nonetheless. That is life I will tell you, when you wonder about that bond.

I hope you will be happy. With the circumstance you come into and with those that await you.

I hope you have the strength to face whatever life throws your way. Whether is it good or bad. There is a way to handle each and always come out the winner.

I hope you will know, that no matter what you say or do, you will always be loved. May not be by the people you want, but there is love and acceptance to be found. I hope that you will learn to respect and savor that love.

I hope you will be kind and respectful and grateful, even when life gets tough or terrible. There is no place for vengeance, hatred and intolerance. The world will be a better place for you, if you could hold onto your values.

I hope you will be generous not only with your money but also with your time and your self. Sometimes holding someone’s hand, or answering that phone call or lending your shoulder to cry on, or a patient ear to listen is far more valuable than writing a check.

And I hope you will always know that no matter how far you go, or how lost you get there will always be two people in this world, you can always come back home to.

Love, mom and dad.


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3 responses to “My hopes for you.- Originally written on 10/22/2014

  1. This is wonderful. Congratulations and I hope your pregnancy is going well. Do take care of yourself and love every moment. 🙂

    PS: I was JUST reading this, then I saw your post. Sorry to bring down the mood of this blog post, but I think this blog post was so poignantly written and so, so touching that I thought you would like it:


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