Friends are great, 2 hour chats are even better.

I can proudly say I have a childhood best friend. Sometimes I wonder if I have any. Every now and then I am reminded I have  people who love me and have decided to be my in my life no matter what. This one particularly has stuck by me through a lot. She and I have never put it into words but we both know this relationship hasn’t been the smoothest ride. That is not the point of this post.

There have been a few things on my mind and it was great to be able to discuss them with someone whose opinion I respect:

1. Respect for self: How much do we care about ourselves? Whether is it a regional, cultural, issues pertaining to affordability? How often do we make ourselves a priority? How often do we tell our friends/family, we cannot join them for a drink as we have to go the gym. How often do we give up on weekend brunches as we have a yoga class. On one hand it may sound selfish. On the other how many of us are obese, diabetic, hypertensive or worse-unhappy?

2. Respect for professionals: I don’t know if it is “just an Indian thing” It could be. Not many people, (I really do hope the trend is changing) employ personal trainers, nutritionists even physiotherapists, counselors other allied professionals. A lot of us think we know it all, we can do it better. I have heard that so many times from friends and family back at home. And yet none of these people have actually gone to school to know, learn, assimilate and put into practice what some of these professionals have gone to school for.

3. Respect for the unborn: Having a child is a huge decision. It isn’t a social one, it is a very personal one. We all talk about it all the time. Aunties, mothers, mother-in-laws, other pregnant friends always ask us our business. At the end of the day, the decision and what ensues after is what conspires between two individuals and only those two individuals who will be responsible for that life they create, for the rest of their lives.

4. Respect for other human beings: That should come easy right? Treat others they way you would like to be treated. Simple! And yet a lot of us get that so wrong. I probably keep very high expectations from people. Which is probably why I have very few friends. I don’t subscribe to “taking liberties” with people I know I can rely on. I think those are the relations one should never take for granted. After talking to my friend today, I think I need to think about this one.



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2 responses to “Friends are great, 2 hour chats are even better.

  1. SA

    Just one thing.. Do you respect your friends decision to work out in the gym when you want to grab a drink?
    I have been called a spoilsport because of my compulsive need to workout..
    I find it a legit reason to “not to grab a drink” ..
    I think I am more tolerant of their reactions now. Hmm… Priorities!!!


    • Absolutely, always. Drink alcohol vs go to the gym? I think these choices have to be respected. I will make time for my friends and I won’t ignore them. But I wont compromise on my health for anyone.


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