And here we are again..

Another month has gone by. Here are the top 5 happenings in the life of this one blogger.

1.Health is asking for more attention. I think it is part of the ageing process. Body tells you it has done everything it could, time to give back. It is true, payback is a bitch!

2. I am sure all of you have had someone on your Facebook friend list mention that they were going to delete people from their friend list. Sometimes I wonder if we could do that clean-up, recycle, refurbishing of sorts in real life. Do people run their course in our lives too?

3. School is going well. I still do everything last minute. I still want to be the teacher’s pet. I still want to top every class. I guess something never change. Except now I can see what everyone else saw years ago. I ain’t so bad, but c’mmon stop with the professors.

4. I left my maiden home almost 17 years ago and yet when I get homesick, I yearn to go back ‘home’. I have been married for more than 5 years and build a very nice ‘home’ with my husband and yet I yearn for ‘home’. I don’t know what it is about that place. It has been three years since I went back. I desperately want to go back.

5. I would like to get regular with blogging. Does monthly count? I have been consistent. Yes, no?



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7 responses to “And here we are again..

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  2. SA

    I can’t really tell you how much I enjoy reading this page.
    I visited this every other day hoping for a new post. So no monthlies won’t cut it for me. I want more!

    Well about people running their course out – in my life they keep popping up. There’s never any closure. Maybe, I am the kinds who linger on..

    And about your “home” that’s so true.. Funnily I still tell people (even after 6 years) that there are 4 people in my family – Mom, dad, sister and I.. I certainly have issues in accepting reality..


    • SA- Awe thanks, I will try and be more regular. Yeah I wonder about that closure too. I am generally okay with people popping anytime they wanted to. I am getting tired of it now. Hmm… They will always be your family. That is the only reality. 🙂


  3. I generally blog daily, in part because it is so therapeutic. Find what works for you and know that those who follow you will appreciate all of your posts in whatever cadence you choose.


  4. Hello! I am here and I am (kind of, maybe) back! For someone who hasn’t blogged in 1.5 years, monthly seems wonderful! I am glad you are back in education and enjoying it, I myself am contemplating doing the same. I just don’t particularly want to do the GRE lol. Such is the toughness of life eh!

    The thought of ‘home’ has long and hard been on my mind of recent days. I yearn for home too, but one I have not yet created. My childhood was less than magical, and my teen years and youth years were full of naivety and mistakes made. Oh well. Hopefully you will get a chance to re-visit your childhood home – in words if not in presence – fodder for the next (hopefully less than monthly?!) blog post?

    Take care of yourself. 🙂


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