It’s a “venti” kind of day

I find myself making my way to Starbucks every time I need a pick me up. I find this place, expensive and full of wannabees. In my head I want to rebel against chains that monopolize the markets and brainwash people into spending too much just to feel cool. So I avoid it. Most of the times.

Having said that there is something to be said about consistency. No matter where, how  and when, the drink you order almost always tastes the same. Coffee connoisseurs will beg to differ. But for people like me, every once in a while when you need just the right pick me up, a quick stop is always welcome. For me, it is so wrong for all the ideals I uphold that it makes the best anti-rebel drink for me. I feel like I am cheating on myself and it gives me an added thrill. Yes we are like that only!

Today is a particularly “venti” kind of day. I wonder how many people actually know what venti means or why the drinks are sized as tall, grande, venti and trenta ( in very select locations).

As for my day, well that will will content for another blog post.



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4 responses to “It’s a “venti” kind of day

  1. I still order small, medium and large when I get there. I’m “that person” who doesn’t drink coffee, but loves a hot chocolate or frapp when the mood strikes me. $5+ for a drink…it’s a real treat. That could be a meal. I had a venti kinda week, so I’m with you!


  2. SA

    I am very old school.. A simple brewed coffee – Black and Strong always works for me. When I was in Europe I enjoyed those small rustic Cafe’s more. I like the Starbucks experience every once in a while. It is just good fun..


    • Wow, that is an easy pick me up. i only like this one “frappacino” which is only sold during the warmer months. Starbucks is not a place i frequent at all. 🙂


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