Learning to live again

The theme this year has been to challenge myself. Do things that I haven’t done before? Do one thing at a time that I have been scared of. So this year I took up swimming. I have only had 7 classes so far. I have gone from momentary panic when entering the pool to now dreaming of doing laps. I can float, streamline, glide and stay afloat on my back. My kicking has improved. I am still working on my breathing and getting the free style right.

The first thing my coach told me “Don’t Panic” and “Trust me”. It is a lot harder than one thinks. Two simple rules to follow. One might think that has to be the easiest class to ace. Don’t panic in an environment that one is not used to? How many of us are comfortable living in water, breathing making our way in it? Existing in harmony with other humans who seem to be doing so beautifully? And then trust a perfect stranger? I know my swim coach has competed on the national level but as a health care provider I know that no two people are the same and I don’t want to be another statistic. Entrusting someone with my life. Yeah it was a tall order.

On the first first day my coach did say ” I give you an A+ for attempt”. But that has been followed by fails and poor performances. Through it all I have learned one thing. I should stop beating myself down for all the failed attempts. I should applaud myself for the effort. I need to realize that I am challenging my body mind and soul. And that cannot be easy. I am learning how to live all over again.

ps: I cannot wait until the day I say I can swim on my own. A big shout out to my coach! You rock!



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2 responses to “Learning to live again

  1. SA

    Loved reading your blog..! It’s like a breath of fresh air 🙂
    I tried to learn swimming too and was doing okay and then just left it in between.. No apparent reason..
    My friends joked about how I couldn’t learn swimming esp because it
    is supposed to be in my blood (Star Sign: Aquarian)..I wish it was that simple. I think I just lost my rhythm along the way..!

    I hope you accomplish it -“Swimming on your own”. I was quite happy to read this post so just thought of leaving a note.. 🙂


    • Hello! Interesting fact. My swim coach is Aquarian too. :). I think if you put your mind to it. You will. I’m almost there. I’m perfecting my breathing technique. Otherwise I can swim. ( almost). Thank you for your comment. It’s very encouraging.


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