My world this week

Indian Lok Sabha Elections: Indian Lok Sabha Elections. Indian Lok Sabha Elections. Indian Lok Sabha Elections. Indian Lok Sabha Elections. Indian Lok Sabha Elections. Indian Lok Sabha Elections. I cannot say it enough number of times. It is important. It is time. People get up and go to vote. The complexity is beyond my understanding as well it was explained here. However as a citizen I very strongly believe that casting my vote is the right I can exercise without the bias of gender, race, caste, income. Each vote makes a difference. It saddens me to know the number of educated people who are going to refrain from casting their vote. I don’t understand their sentiment. That is my fault. Irrespective of their lack of vote, there will be a leader who will be elected. I say control that elect. I have so much more to say, but is it beyond the scope of my Friday fives.

Summer is around the corner. I don’t do well in the heat but for one and only one reason it is my favorite time of the year. People come visit me as everyone seems to be on vacation. Whether it is the yearly visit from my mother, family and friends who make an extra effort to come visit me or people who just need to transit via my city. It doesn’t matter how short the visit or what the intention, I love it when people come by. They bring a piece of home for me which I miss immensely.

On several occasions in the recent past there has been a sentiment that has resonated loud and clear. ” Where did all those friends go”. I don’t know. I really don’t. I am here and hope to always be.

I can now float in water. I am not that scared. I still have some panic moments. It is because I don’t know how to breathe in water. Even that is getting better. Yay for small achievements.



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2 responses to “My world this week

  1. Love the idea of the blog post describing how your world has been this past week. Had nostalgia remembering an old TV show “The World This Week” which was our favorite family TV-watching moment apart from “Chhaayageet” 🙂

    Share your sentiment. It resonates not just with me I think but with everyone these days, each of us living in our own world, waiting for other friends to visit us but never making the time to visit other friends ourselves.


    • Mahendra: I have indeed borrowed the title. I saw this format on another blog and I thought it was a great way to start writing again. True @ nostalgia. We watched the exact same things too. 🙂

      I agree, friendships are a two way street. I also think we are thinking too much into it. Friendship is one relationship that should come easy.


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