My world this week.

And just like that it is two weeks since I wrote last. This time I really didn’t have time.  I like being that busy. It makes me more focused. I have to plan better. I have to reach those targets and I generally do as I try really hard to see the end of the line. I like the adrenaline rush.

I haven’t learned. This world is a mean place. Quote,” If I did well, you will look good” Even if I did look good by your good performance, I feel you will have far better benefits from doing your work in a timely fashion. In stead of being grateful for my help, the said person doubted my intentions. I am surprised. But I shouldn’t be. This person has probably lost faith in the goodness of this life and I feel bad for said person.

My mother and I are having similar issues at our work place. It has been interesting to exchange notes with her. I have benefited from her years of experience and I have been able to educate her regarding the evolution of ethics and what is the norm now.

India remains a very emotional country. So much is said and not said, not based on what is right or relevant but on feelings. I seem to be forgetting that. I am torn between what I need to become and what I was. I am trying to find the right balance.

You may never have heard this one before. I am dreading my weekend. I am tired just thinking about it. I have so much planned for it already that I am tired. Really tired.

I get a bonus point to touch upon correct? I mean I missed last week.. I have signed up for a hike. Plain terrain long hike. All day affair. And I am walking daily for it. Very happy about it. Getting out of my comfort zone.



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