7 year anniversary

I recieved a congratulatory note from wordpres this. Apparenetly I signed with them 7 years ago. Only means I have been blogging for longer than that. Posts have obviously dwindled. I feel like I am not as alone as I used to be which is probably why I don’t write as often. Of course thoughts still cross my mind. I want to churn out an idea, and perhaps one other person would repond to me. I never developed a good relationship with comments. You get some you don’t get some. Eh! I wont lie it is a great validation. I don’t think people read blogs any more. It the world of hashtags and microblogging, I don’t think people have the patience to read blogs anymore. People are also into specialty blogs, tech, fashion, politics, education, those are striving well. I don’t have the patience to write about my own life (personal blogging), how will I ever have the patience to read someone else’s. Unless of course you are so cryptic that I cannot help but want to crack that code, or you are so funny that I am waiting for that dose of laughter. I have stopped going to mommy blogs and tear jerkers. I don’t get them. I might and hope will be a mom one way and then these words will come back to bite me. I really wish they do. Anyway where was I, seven years at wordpress. Not a bad run eh! Thank you for having me, I look forward to staying on.



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8 responses to “7 year anniversary

  1. Wow congrats! That’s awesome, I have only been doing this for a few months lol.


  2. Yaay! This is one of the many reasons I love the WordPress folks. They bring life to blogging. And yes, you have been blogging for much longer (you too were on blogger before, right?) I don’t know about other people, but I still read blogs and even use an RSS tool to tell me when they do! This is one of those blogs. Keep at it! All the best! 😀


    • Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement. Blogging is one thing I have not been able to give up, even though the relationship isn’t the same for a while now. I too use RSS feeds. 🙂


  3. I think I’ve been reading this blog for the longest time now! And I feel I still don’t know you at all. That only means that you need to write much more 🙂
    People do read blogs. The bad part is – only to get comments on their own blog. Write for yourself – that is the only thing I have learnt from the blogging world.


    • Nisha, Thank you for acknowledging this post. I know not many people read blogs anymore as my 500th post announcement was left unnoticed. I have never been the kind to receive too many comments. I guess for the same reason you mentioned. People don’t get to know me too well. I like it like that. I feel familiarity breeds contempt. 🙂 I catch up on your posts too. I have mentioned this before.. I feel like we are living parallel lives. 🙂


  4. Congratulations for 7 years on WP, and yes even I missed the 500th post. Hey there was another category – General happenings and issues blog – I meant other than cryptic and funny blog, which you could not stop reading !


    • Of course.. there are so many people/styles one enjoys reading. I am happy to see you get active again. Almost the impetus I needed to start I suppose. I have so many posts brewing in my head. This time I wont let it go.. I will jot down my thoughts. I am actually very excited about it. Yay!


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