Written, write, wrote, writing

Or something like that wasn’t it anyway. I forget the art of writing. I want a handwritten letter in my mail box. There is a letter that could have been in my mailbox, but I have been told it is not going to find itself there ever. I don’t understand but I accept.

With a devious plan in mind, I express to my best friend that I have been deprived of a  love letter all my life. I never had a lover when people still wrote letters and since I fell in love no one writes letters any more. He tilted his head and smiled, melting my heart away. A smile full of knowing and caring and understanding. A smile full of promises, I know will never be fulfilled.

Don’t they say be careful what you wish for? I did receive a handwritten letter. For a split second I could only hope. Very very small second. Reality hit soon enough. My mother wrote me a letter. I didn’t think she ever had the patience to write one. I guess she is trying to maintain a tradition I had lost a while ago. I was left sad and devastated for a bit, but then I realized that this itself could be a message. A clear bold one at that.

So I decided to compose a letter that might start a lasting tradition of it’s own. In stead I find myself here… may be this is where I need to keep writing..



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4 responses to “Written, write, wrote, writing

  1. I don’t think I understand everything that you mean to say with this post… But I do understand wanting to have a letter written to you. I feel the same way! I recently joined postcrossing.com, and writing postcards and reading them, being a part of strangers’ lives for some two seconds, it has become a strange amd wonderful new hobby for me.

    And I hope you keep writing on the blog as well.


    • That is pretty neat. I used to have pen pals when I was younger. Now I have no time, no money and no one that cares enough to be a pen-pal. 🙂 I hope I keep writing too. I think this year I should have more time to give this justice. I am glad you are back too.


  2. “Or something like that” seems to be trending! 😀 I hear what you say – and feel the same way – *and* – I understand about not getting that letter. In all this, I agree on one thing. You need to keep writing.


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