Out of the comfort zone

Life passes by so quick, so many times we don’t even realize the challenges we face each day. They just become a way of life. We justify them as part of growing up. What do you do, when you have to make conscious decisions each day about the person you are, the values you hold, the person you want to become.

Life throws us a curve ball so many times. Sometimes it is the lack of a dream job, death of a parent, failure at a life altering exam. You grapple with what is left behind but you make it through. Most of us have no choice. Some of us may have the luxury of time. Most of us don’t.

So how do you remind yourself, that this too shall pass. It is disconcerting to be out of our comfort zone. Some decisions need to be made. But do you find yourself in a place, where you don’t know if the decision you are about to make is the right one. Especially when you have no one to ask for validation.

Such crossroads are tricky. Tread carefully. Go with your gut. Do what you think is right. Be strong. Be determined and see your plan all the way through. Do what it takes to get back to your comfort zone.



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6 responses to “Out of the comfort zone

  1. Or, make the new place your comfort zone! 😀


  2. I was just going to add the same – ‘… or you could build a new comfort zone?’ 🙂 Your posts always manage to resonate with me! I hope you find the inner comfort zone peace you are looking for!


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