Dang it- rant ahead

I’ve lost all my feeds. Feeds I had been collecting since for over 6 years. Some of you don’t even write anymore but I used to hold on to the hope that some day you will write again.

No one congratulated me on writing up 500 posts. I am guessing no one is really reading my posts any more.

It is 9/11.. Makes it somber no matter how hard you try.

There is a conspiracy against me. The universe is not shaping up the way I would have liked it to.





Filed under A first, Blogging, Camaraderie, Communication, Disappointments

9 responses to “Dang it- rant ahead

  1. “Lost” all you feeds?


  2. well, i think the blog world isn’t as kind as we think it to be. People will write only if you comment on their blog.
    I’m still watching this space, proof that not all are the same 🙂


  3. i subscribed to your blog for the past couple of years…Read your posts now and then…


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