About a card..

I managed to bully a card out of my husband. I just wanted a letter/card/communication via the mail box. No one sends written notes anymore and I have missed human connection via mail. So I bullied my husband. He does not get me cards regularly anyway, so I thought a card from him would serve all purposes.

It took him a while, but what came across is so much more than what spoken words could have ever expressed. He has often wondered why I insist on a card/letter. Apart form the fact that they are rare from him, I want to see him make an effort. Not for lack of any effort on his part for this marriage, but there is something magical about picking the right card.

Some may argue about the point of poor quality overpriced paper folded in half with somebody else’s words on it. They barely ever resonate with our own thoughts. Either they are too much, too little, or completely off base. But it isn’t about those words or about an overpriced paper folded in half.

It is about the process. It is about the effort it takes to find a card that reflects our feelings. It gets harder when the person the card is intended for, knows you so well, that you cannot really be off base. Believe it or not, cards are far more tricky than you think they are.

In the end, a happy face, a smile, a hug is completely worth the effort. So make it, go ahead send someone a card you mean..



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4 responses to “About a card..

  1. Nice! I agree that the written form of communication means so much more!


  2. I often look at the cheeky/rude cards in a card shop and wonder when I will find someone who is laid back enough, and has a sense of humour enough to appreciate those and feel warmth knowing his girl got him that because it’s funny and she gets his inner self without trying too hard to work the sentiments.

    Being a hopeless romantic sucks!


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