Conflicts in my head

How did I reach my mid-thirties and have no clue which party I would vote for, if I was given the chance. When I was in India, as per my understanding I knew the political party and the ideals I believed in. I knew I had to take things with a pinch of salt, but I felt sure of what I wanted with the politicians I put into power. Here in the US, I am so conflicted. As a woman I am appalled by what the republicans have said publicly, during their campaigns or what their core religious beliefs are. As a potential immigrant I deal with the uncertainty of the Democratic party and their immigration reforms. As the wife of banker I want Republicans in power as they promote business and the Wall street. How do I get a little of both? But then again it isn’t about me, it is about this country and what is the best for it’s citizens? But don’t I factor in? Am I not important? And if I am, I am confident there are others that feel as conflicted as I do..


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